Human world.It doesnt matter where are they

Human being and other living things are the most important thing in the world.It doesnt matter where are they or who are they.when we see people in the roads or streets,they are walking and going somehow.Traffic designing,traffic lights,capacity and capability they all related to each other.we talk about walkability and how friendly the roads are for pedestrian,bicycle and other moving things.These two subjects are so important for urban desinging.Pedstrian traffic usually concentrated in urban areas which typically generate traffic(workplace,public utility buildings,entertainment,education).This is why it is important to design this space in a pedestrian-friendly manner as much as possible.Over the analysed period more than 90% of injuries in pedestrian accedents and more than 65% of fatalities happened in built-up areas.pedestrian crossings usually happen on the roads.nearly 60% of all pedestrian accidents.There are some cities which they are very good and wide for walking and feel safe without any concerning.Maybe in internet there are more and also different cities which are very friendly for pedestrians and bicycles but i have visited the cities like Venice,Barcelona and prague;they were so friendly and good for pedestrians and also i went to Amsterdam that i have seen the city is very good and friendly for bicycles(they have thier own traffic rules for bicycles).In my opinion the best solution for the problem of pedestrain and bicycle is to coopearate each other and respect each other.okay,i have seen a lot of countries which they have the budget of making different ways for pedestrians and bicycles but there are a lot of countries that they dont have the availiability to do this.For example:when there is long street which desinged for pesedtrians and bicycles(urban areas) in width of 10m.if you separate 2 meters for bicycles and 3 meters for pedestrians and the rest of them for other moving is very difficult to everything walk correctly becuase when you are inside the street and looking around for the buildings and shopsWhen people walking they want to also enjoy from the moment.not to run or walk very fast, so there will be problem some wants to go fast and some slow,some is looking around and some is just there will be lots of accidents.