Should Human Cloning Be Permitted Essay

In the last hundred years, science has been advancing at a rate faster than ever before in the history of human civilization.

The knowledge and application of scientific principles has made humans more powerful than other species. When Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon, everyone appreciated the benefits of science, but now as scientists are attempting to advance human health through cloning, there has been harsh criticism. This area of research can both benefit and harm human lives. The United States government has restricted this technology due to its ethical implications and initially poor results.Human cloning can provide unlimited benefits to our species. The cloning of humans has the potential to be the greatest achievement of medical science and it can solve some of the greatest problems facing mankind. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die from cancer making it the second most common cause of death.

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However, with the help of cloning, scientists are beginning to learn how to cure horrible diseases such as cancer and Parkinson disease. With human cloning, scientists are working on ways to clone individual organs perfectly and that could be a permanent solution for a growing demand of organ donors.Cloned nerve cells from the injured person could lead to the repair of damaged nerves.

One application of cloning may be in the treatment of neurological disorders and spinal cord trauma. Millions of people are suffering from terrible disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. Problems range from a loss of control over the muscles of certain body parts to the loss of memory. Through the regeneration of nerve cells, scientists could learn how to treat these diseases more effectively. The benefits of such research could ultimately improve lives and save billions of dollars yearly.Many couples cannot have children because of infertility. Cloning could be effective in helping these couples to realize their dreams. For those who are able to have children, in some cases, nature is providing horribly short and painful lives to these innocent children.

Genetically inherited diseases such as hemophilia and Downs Syndrome could be treated while the baby is still in the mother’s womb by cloning altered or missing genes in the human cell. This could spare countless children and parents from years of horrible suffering.Since I started preparing this essay and discussing the issue with my colleagues, I have heard countless arguments against human cloning. The most common argument against human cloning is that it would destroy people’s dignity and individuality.

But, I doubt that children would really hate their parents for giving them the body of Michael Jordan or the brain of Albert Einstein. Many people also claimed that cloning is too dangerous based on that fact that in order for researchers to clone Dolly (the sheep), a few baby sheep had to sacrifice their lives.However, common events that no one has proposed banning take a much greater toll on human life than human cloning ever could. For example, car accidents are the worlds leading cause of accidental death, but no one is calling for a ban on cars. It is clear that the benefit they provide is greater than dangers. In fact, many people possess firearms and the morbidity and mortality associated with gun use is a tremendous burden on our society. Yet, gun owners maintain that it is their right to carry weapons.

Therefore, scientific inventions throughout history have been associated with positive and negative effects. In this light, it is important for us to weigh the benefits of cloning versus the harms. Many religious leaders argue that we should not be playing God. They believe that only God has the power to create and take life and I believe that too.

But, many religions also say that if you see someone is suffering then it is important to help that person. Therefore, if science can save peoples lives by cloning their organs, what is wrong with it?One reason that cloning and other scientific inventions may break the natural life cycle is by stopping death. This is one of the greatest arguments against human cloning. Death is an important part of life and it should ultimately lead us to value life and use the time we have on earth more effectively.

Yet, scientific inquiry has led us to see the more beneficial affects that can result from human cloning. Human cloning can ultimately improve the way humans live. This change is for the better, and out dues any argument presented against it. In India there are three societal classes.These classes are referred to as High-Pandit, Middle-farmers, and Low-Shudra. People from the high class think that the people from the low class do not have reasons to live and that is why they treat them like a disposable object. This mode of thinking diminishes the value which people place on life. The same thing could occur with cloned humans.

People may think that a cloned human is not a real human and only a piece of property. If someone clones his body at the age of twenty and then at the age of sixty, begins to think that he wants to be physically fit.Perhaps he could put his sixty-year-old brain in his twenty-year-old body.

At that point, the person is using the cloned body that is actually a human, as an object that can change him back to what he once was. Since we know that everything has both good and bad effects, we should look at both sides of the issue regarding cloning. At this point, human cloning has some great benefits but at the same time it can be harmful to humans later on. For example, by creating perfect lives we can reduce the rate of death and as a result, over population may occur.Over population can create many other problems such as lack of food, joblessness and other diseases such as malaria, typhoid, and yellow fever. In the final analysis it can be said that human cloning is dangerous and harmful to humans. It has both good and bad effects.

It can cure cancer, Parkinson disease and can be helpful in creating a long and healthy life. However, from human cloning we can get some horrible problems such as over population, slavery and the breaking of nature’s equality. At this point the negative effects of cloning outweigh the positive ones and that is why human cloning should not be permitted.