Human Rescource Management, Training and Developing Employees Essay

Appco group is the world’s leading sales and marketing company with more than 800 locations in 25 offices on five continents. Appco mainly sells door to door products like energy, pay tv, home security, etc. Over the last 25 years Appco has developed significantly in the face-to-face sales industry, and with great success. The primary reason of their success is due to their personal and career development systems. In this paper I am going to go explain how and why their systems work so well.

In the sales industry, the usual salary is based on a base loan with additional “bonuses” when deals are being closed. Appco does it differently. At Appco the salary is purely based on commission for each generated sale. This payment structure provides definite return of investment for its clients, as clients only pay for long-term customers acquired. This is called a Win-Win situation. In sales, there is a very high turnover rate. It is very important to keep your talents happy, because if you won’t they might leave your company, or worse, go and sell for your competitors.

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Appco uses the following to retain their talents. * Appco has an attractive bonus system, the better you perform the more your bonus rate is. * Appco provides outstanding career development opportunities across the world. How is it possible that Appco can provide such outstanding career opportunities to people without a degree and with little or no experience in business whatsoever? This is because they use a pure commission based salary, creating Win-Win situations for both their clients as their agents.


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