Human Resource Department Essay

What are four trends in the Canadian labour market that have implications for a human resource manager? Explain your answer, citing which of the human resource functions will be affected and how? Q-2. if a bank is planning to open a new branch in a distant city, with what inputs will the human resource department be concerned? What activities will the department need to undertake in the transition to a fully staffed and operating branch? What type of feedback do you think the department should seek after the branch has been operating for six months? Q-3.

Find wo recent news items and explain how these developments might affect the demands made on the human resource department Of an organisation? Chapter-2 Q-1. Suppose you work for an organisation that does not conduct job analysis. What arguments will you make to introduce it? What methods of collecting jobanalysis information will you recommend and why? Q-2. What factors need to be considered when redesigning jobs? Of these, which is most important? Q-3. Suppose you were assigned to write the job descriptions for a shirt factory in British Columbia employing mostly Chinese immigrants who poke little English.

What methods would you use to collect job analysis data? Chapter-3 Q-1. Discuss any three techniques for estimating the demand for human resources. Provide examples where relevant. Q-2. ‘Alternate work arrangements are useful approaches for both the employer and the employees” Discuss. Q-3. Suppose you managed a restaurant in a winter resort area. During the summer it was profitable to keep the business open, but you needed only on half the cooks, table servers and bartenders. What actions would you take in April when the peak tourist season ended? Q-4.

Some fire departments and hospital staff are using the 3-day,36-hour schedule. Do you see any negative aspects to this schedule? Q-5. Ethic Question? Ans- Chapter-4 Q-1. List the major prohibitions of the Canadian human rights act. Q-2. A job candidate answer ‘yes’ to the question Of whether she is a smoker. She is well qualified, but you decide not to hire her. Does she have legal recourse? Q-3. You are the human resource manager in a hospital. A nurse informs you, in confidence, that he has been diagnosed HIV positive. Are you required to take action?