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Human Resources Management System


Human Resources Management System



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Human Resources Management system




This research study is focuses on web-based human resources direction, working procedure, system design. Using the web-based human resources direction system, to the little and average endeavor ( SME ) . The comparing of the human resources direction system, that built on web-based and native linguistic communication such as the public presentation and serviceability.


Into the 21stcentury, it is the information age.All the information are up to the cyberspace. So, internet service and web service is a critical and vested in presents. And information engineering is now taking the concern universe. Besides, tendencies in information engineering revolution has reached a extremum in assorted Fieldss to accomplish the planetary end and company section. Increasingly computerized human resource direction system has led to new and advanced ways. The working flow of operation with human resource direction will go more stableness, smoother. Top ranking and well-known endeavor or companies such as Google, SONY, Microsoft, etc. Their Human Resource is already computerized by utilizing human resource direction system. And to the full automated human resource direction system, unreal dependance minimized to a big extent.

In the background of the rapid development, the cognition economic system and information are more and more endeavors have recognized that a complete and scientific human resources direction information system for the healthy development of endeavors is indispensable. However, many companies introduce the information direction system does non take consideration to suitableness of corporate scheme and human resources direction, leting companies to present or develop the human resources direction information system is non able to respond suitably to corporate scheme, the consequences frequently lead to concern scheme failure and waste of human resources.

WEB-Based Human Resources Management System

Harmonizing to Lecture notes from University of Technology [ 1 ] the term refers to the application and services are running on a waiter that can be accessible utilizing a Web-browser from clients via the Web. No affair where you are stay, one time you can entree the cyberspace, you can utilize those applications and services provided by waiter. In presents, cyberspace service and web service is a critical and vested. Increasingly computerized human resource direction system has led to new and advanced ways.

Web service

The web service can be applied an application to the web application. And that has improved the efficiency and communicating by this dominant tool. The chief platform of web service are HTTP and XML. Datta, Islam, Mukherjee and Kandar ( 2012 ) indicated that Extensible Markup Language ( XML ) is the cosmopolitan markup linguistic communications, which can be known by all computing machine. In the procedure of inter machine communicating through Web services, XML is used to label the information concerned. On the other manus, Web Services Description Language ( WSDL ) is used to depict the services which are available. After that, the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration ( UDDI ) will name the services which are available from that peculiar machine. Finally, Simple Object Access Protocol ( SOAP ) is used for reassigning informations for all exchange of information between computing machines and waiters, which usually involves a series of combination of Hypertext Transport Protocol, XML related to other Web rules.

Advantage of Web-based application

Nothing to Install

For the client side, the terminus merely necessitate a Web browser such as Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. That could be installed with Operating System as default.

Multi-platform capablenesss

Because of the application and services are running on a waiter. Once the client could link to the waiter with their ain manner or difference runing system such as Windows Operating System, Mackintosh Operating System or Linux Operation System. It could recover the informations that user wanted.

Great Availability

The server side is supposed to be running non-stop. That is average, it may running in seven yearss per hebdomad and twenty four hours per twenty-four hours. User can entree the waiter anytime even that is non in working hr.

Centralized informations

All the informations, merely like employee information, paysheet, attending, etc. Those informations are hive awaying in one topographic point. So it will be easier to pull offing the dozenss of informations and easier to backup that of import informations.

Disadvantage of Web-based application

Other hardware devices support

About none of other hardware devices can back up the web services and application, such as the RFID reader, NFC reader, Bluetooth connection, etc. Web application can non command the hardware without programming with the native scheduling linguistic communication such as JAVA or C++ .

Internet unstable

Because of all the informations are centralized in one topographic point. Besides, all the client should entree the waiter via the cyberspace or intranet. Depends on the Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) connectivity quality, some of the clients if they utilizing the cyberspace may link to the waiter unstable. They may lost the connexion from waiter or the connexion is really slow, so they can non complete their occupation or they need to happen a better Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) to acquire a good public presentation for their occupation.

Web-based Application

Cloud Computing

It is the information age.All the information are up to the cyberspace. So, internet service and web service is a critical and vested in presents. Cloud computer science has emerged as a dominant paradigm, widely adopted by endeavors. Clouds provide on demand entree to calculating public-service corporations, an abstraction of limitless calculating resources, and support for on-demand scale-up, scale-down, and scale-out. Cloud services are besides quickly fall ining other substructures and being used in day-to-day life such as grids, bunchs, and high-performance computer science as feasible platforms for scientific geographic expedition and find, every bit good as instruction. Therefore, it is critical to understand application preparations and usage manners that are meaningful in such a intercrossed substructure, along with cardinal conceptual and technological challenges and ways that applications can efficaciously use clouds ( Thiruvathukal & A ; Parashar, 2013 ) .Cloud calculating is widely used in our lives. It becomes a utile tools on concern.

Privacy of Cloud Computing

Cloud calculating privateness is the first precedence that we need to concern today. Xiao and Xiao ( 2013 ) said that because of the fact that customer’s informations and concern logic reside among the distrusted cloud waiters, which are owned and maintained by the cloud service supplier. So, there are tonss of possible hazards that the personal information and the confidential information. Such as personal profile, wellness record and condemnable record may hold the opportunity that being disclosed to another co-worker or the populace. Harmonizing to Kumar, Raheja and Sodhi ( 2013 ) , the cloud theoretical account has been criticized by privateness advocators for the greater easiness in which the companies hosting cloud services control. Therefore, the companies can supervise severs at will, legitimately or unlawfully, the communicating and informations stored between the user and the host company. The hazards become higher. Cases such as the secret NSA plan, working with AT & A ; T, and Verizon, which recorded over 10 million phone calls between American citizens. This action causes uncertainness among privateness advocators. There is the greater powers that offers telecommunication companies to supervise user’s activities. So, most of the bookman agree that privateness is really of import in cloud computer science, and it is the hazard while utilizing cloud calculating for solution.

Data Security

In a cloud calculating environment, informations security is the most of import things in Information Technology and it is the 1 of solution for privateness. Harmonizing to Sun ( 2014 ) , informations security issue becomes peculiarly serious in the cloud calculating environment, because informations are scattered in different machines and storage devices including waiters, Personal computers, and assorted nomadic devices such as radio detector webs and smart phones. Data security in the cloud computer science is more complicated than informations security in the traditional information systems. So, trust becomes the cardinal constituents between cloud service user and cloud service supplier.

Human Resources Management system

Corporate scheme

Corporate scheme is the way and ends of concern operations, Human Resources as portion of corporate resources, and its operational demands with corporate scheme.

Human Resource Management Information System is a merchandise combined with information engineering and human resource direction techniques. It is an advanced electronic information engineering as a solution and a package system as a platform to accomplish high efficiency, low cost and take part in full Human Resources Management System. There are many domestic and foreign bookmans studied the version of human resource direction and corporate scheme. Unfortunately, merely a few of bookmans studied the version between corporate scheme and human resources direction information system. However, the strictly mechanical usage of advanced information engineering in order to introduce the corporate human resource direction, can non assist the development of concern. Companies should set up a alone scheme to accommodate their ain design of human resources direction information system ( Zhou and Liu, 2010 ) . Therefore, can supply a strong concern development with good human resources and support.

Benefit of utilizing Human Resources Management System

Beadles, Lowery & A ; Kim ( 2005 ) had a study on the benefit of utilizing Human Resources Management System. The study showed that the Human Resources Management System are faster in information processing, information is more accurate, it leads to better planning and plan development. It besides improves communicating of employees.

Reduce companies resources

Awazu and Desouza ( 2003 ) explained that the Human Resources Management System use in human resources industry would cut down costs by mechanization information and the figure of employees will cut down. Through to assist employees to command and protect their ain personal information. It is a win-win state of affairs between employers and employees. It besides help the company to derive trust from employees.

Enhance companies effectiveness

Besides Human Resources Management System let directors to make relevant information and informations easy, which will be helpful to carry on analysis, make determinations, and communicate with others. This can salvage tonss of clip that they do non hold to confer with the Human Resources professional. In ideal instance of the perfect usage of Human Resources Management System, fewer employees would be needed for executing administrative undertakings like record maintaining that would give more clip to directors to help through supplying informations on strategic degree. It is a good intelligence to the endeavors that the hereafter is brighter for Human Resources Management System by making new waies for human resources and for the organisations that use Human Resources Management System in effectual mode.

Adopted the Human Resources Information Management System

The development of computing machine and information engineering can cut down the cost of human resources direction ; besides help the corporates to accomplish direction aims. For the ground, it specific constellation procedure will split into three phase. First, form the construction direction, enlisting, system development, direction, installing, commissioning and preparation. Second, pull off the paysheet and public assistance, enlisting that related to the direction. Finally, get down the public presentation direction, preparation development, execution of comprehensive direction and the employee self-system. On this footing, it establishes a new human resources direction system ( Zhou and Liu, 2010 ) .

Functional Development

Human Resources section is a nucleus of whole system. They responsible to all the human resources direction map, non merely has the tradition forces direction maps. They assumed to carry on all the station scene and rating, processes planning, relation coordination and other undertakings. Besides expanded the range of direction from the formal tradition organisations to informal organisations, including squad edifice, community of involvements of employees and clients, the relation between employee and direction.

Information Support

In this system, Human Resources section chiefly utilizing it for day-to-day direction and operation. Besides, let another employees and director involved to the system, and all facets of human resources information can be collectable. The system so analysing and pull outing the information for corporate to determination devising and supply a strong information support

Multi-tool operation

Entire the human resource direction information system contains the organisational construction and occupation system, enlisting and choice tools, salary and compensation system direction tools, public presentation direction procedures and other facets. Covering everything from specific occupation descriptions, staffing, employee appraisal, feedback and paysheet system, preparation and development, etc. In order to set up a public presentation step based on runing systems.


For the employee position, the web based human resources direction information system divided their personal country into different type of users, and that can be customized the permission for different type of users to acquire distinguishable information support. Such as customization can be adjusted by the alterations of user status. Therefore, all the employee non merely became to affect the human resources direction platform, it besides involve the day-to-day direction of the corporate and voting another issues that played in of import function.

For the administrative position, to construct up a human resources direction information system harmonizing to the corporate scheme, it can be a extremely intelligent characteristics. As in the organisational construction analysis, employee tendency analysis, salary analysis and another facets of public presentation analysis. That can supply different signifier of analysis studies for senior direction to ease the corporate information direction to maintain abreast of all facets of the corporate human resources direction.

To reason all the referenced literature, it is preferred to developing a human resources direction information system utilizing the web based solution. Through the web application to execute different undertakings, cod information is really easy in presents. Due to net service has become popular and the functionality is increasing. Besides the privateness and informations can be secured easy if we do the right things.


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