Human Resources MGT Essay

1. Briefly describe the historical development of Human Resources Management (HRM).

The history of human resources goes all they way back to England, where masons, carpenters, leather workers, and other craftspeople organized themselves into guilds. They used their unity to improve their work conditions. These guilds became the forerunners of trade unions.

In the late part of the 18th century the field of HR later developed a new kind of employee-a boss, who wasn’t necessarily the owner, as h ad usually been the case in the past-became the power broker in the new factory system. Later on in the 1960’s the personnel function was considered to be concerned with blue-collar or operating employees. Human Resources MGT of today is concerned with much more than simple filing, house keeping, and record keeping. When HRM strategies are integrated within the organization, HRM plays a major role in clarifying the firm’s human resource problems and developes solutions to them.

2. Explain how a manager should use the HRM diagnostic model.

The diagnostic approach includes four specific steps to be taken by HR managers:

(1) diagnosis(2)prescription(3)implementation(4)evaluation

Managers typically diagnose a work situation by observing key factors. Examples may be why is Harry always late for work. To find a solution to this problem you could go use the diagnostic approach.

3. Discuss the two kinds of sexual harassment, quid pro quo and hostile environment. Include

Steps a manager can take to end sexual harassment in the work place.

Quid pro quo occurs when one person seeks sexual favors from another person in return for some thing of value. Hostile Environment occurs when unwelcome sexual conduct interferes with an individuals job performance or it creates an intimidated hotel-working environment.

Steps a manager can take to end sexual harassment includes

1. Making a stern policy on sexual harassment in the working environment. It should be stated in detail and very clear to the employees.

2. If a situation occurs where a sexual allegation has been brought to the manager’s attention it should be thoroughly investigated.

3. Any offender should be disciplined at the mercy of the manager.

4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using parent company nationals and host country nations for filling key managerial and technical positions in an international organization.

Disadvantages to using HCN are the concern that a local might not be familiar with the company’s policies and the pace at which it runs its business. Some locals might not be able to adapt to the company’s culture or management. Locals may not have the skills that an employee of a different stature may have.

Disadvantages for a PCU may be that the not everyone would understand exactly what would be happening. Almost like a culture shock an employee might be left in the dark.

5. What is Human Resource Planning, and why is it important to an organization?

Human Resource planning is the process that helps to provide adequate human resources to achieve future organizational objectives. It includes forecasting future needs for employees of various types. comparing these needs with the present workforce, and deterring the numbers or types of employees to be recruited into or phased out of the origination’s employment group. This is important because it gives the business and employees a better outlook and more chances on improving within time.