Human Resources Officer Essay

Human Resources Officer

Recruitment Department

Event Promotions

Deer Park, NY

ATTN: Ms. Keisha

Dear Ma’am:

The correspondence is with regard to the job advertisement “Entry level Advertising/Marketing” posted at

I am applying for the position advertised in the said website and is fully acknowledging the relevance of my educational qualifications as it relates to the requirements of the job. As of the present, I am affiliated with [name of university] as a student. I will receive my degree in Business Administration in [target month] 2010. Unfortunately, I was not able to gather prior working experience because I chose to focus on my academic activities before immersing into any profession. I strongly believe that solid education is a prerequisite to my career because it enables me to gather the necessary theoretical background and training.

Throughout my school days, I have learned appropriate marketing strategies and techniques, which would surely allow me to conduct both online and on-site marketing activities. Likewise, my years in several academic institutions have also allowed me to earn ample social skills and have proven that I am able to influence, relate, and understand people from different backgrounds. Lastly, my presentation and organization skills have been honed and constantly improved through school requirements and daily routine tasks that require such skills.

Thank you very much and I am sincerely hoping to hear from you soon.




Address line 1

Address line 2

E-mail Address

Telephone Number

·         Perform marketing-related responsibilities in a fast-growing company; and

·         Conduct and implement both online and on-site marketing activities and strategies.

·         Graduate of Business Administration and has great enthusiasm for marketing-related concepts and responsibilities;

·         No prior formal work experience but can compensate it through values of hard work, determination, and the drive to make things happen; and

·         Computer literate and can communicate with clients and other employees effectively.

·         Name of primary school (inclusive dates)

Achievement and honors received

·         Name of secondary school (inclusive dates)

Achievement and honors received

·         Name of Tertiary school (inclusive dates)

BS Business Administration

Achievement and honors received

·         Computer literate

·         Well-versed in electronic commerce

·         Strong problem-solving skills

·         Effective in multi-tasking

·         Both a team and individual player

·         Excellent oral and written communication skills

·         Organization 1 (position held)

·         Organization 2 (position held)

·         Organization 3 (position held)

References are available upon request.

I certify that the information contained above are true and correct.