Human Trafficking Essay

Human trafficking is a cold, devastating and disturbing crime against human kind. It is unbelievable how an individual can be cold hearted against their own kind, such as exploiting, selling, abusing and even slaving them involuntary damaging them physically and emotionally. Victims range from children, to women and even men from different places all over the world. This horrible crime has been around for a couple of years destroying the victims and their families.Many people have confused smuggling with trafficking, there is a difference between the two, and smuggling is a crime against a nation and human trafficking is a crime against a person. There are also, two types of human trafficking, sex trafficking and Labor trafficking there both slightly the same but age is one of the main differences.

Being worldwide, different countries have different statistics, with that said sex Trafficking Plagues Turkey, which has been one of the most affective countries, but they are all based by the same elements of human trafficking.Just like any other criminal, they all pay the price in other words; victims get justice, although it isn’t enough for them to heal completely. Ever since human trafficking started, anti-trafficking programs have been built to deter, prevent and help recognize the signs. A couple of terms ago, we had a guest speaker Linh Tran here on campus, were she gave a presentation about human trafficking, during the presentation I learned the fallowing. Human trafficking is the taking a way the human rights of a person, exploitation of a person, “once you have a hold of their mind you have control over their body” (Linh Tran).Human trafficking is crime against a person or violation of human rights; it turns out to be exploitation or selling to another person.

Therefore, the act is when an individual is subject to an involuntary act he or she is being forced, threatened and manipulated to do things. When an individual is subject to a voluntary act, he or she wants to migrate to a different country, due to wanting a better job, career and better life for either themselves or their family, in other words it’s a choice you make with no force of any kind.This is called smuggling, which is a crime against a border, the evasion of immigration laws and it’s a crime against a nation. Trafficking has become a market that has had an impact in the criminal industry, which is based on the principles of supply and demand. Human trafficking has been fueled by the demand of cheap labor, services and commercial sex acts. The two types of trafficking; sex trafficking is the most common, this is where a victim is forced, with fraud, force , coercion and or the victim who involved in a sexual act is younger than 18 years of age.

The second type of human trafficking is labor trafficking, this is where the victims are recruited, harbored, transported from county to county or state, they are never settled in one place they are always moved around for the traffickers safety. Also by providing, and or obtaining a person for labor services, by using force, fraud, or coercion. In other words the individual is subjected to involuntary servitude, debt bondage, peonage which is when someone who is in debt gives his or her services until the debt is paid off, lastly slavery.

There is an estimation of 2. 5 million people who are distributed around the world, affecting 161 countries, every continent and even effecting there economy. These victims are being forced into labor, which includes sexual exploitation. Victims are distributed to different countries, as 1. 4 million of victims are placed in Asia and the pacific, 250,000 (10 %) are in Latin America and the Caribbean, 230,000 are located in the Middle East and Northern Africa, neither of this poor victims have the choice to leave it’s not even an option.The list continues, in the Sub-Saharan countries about 130,000 victims are stationed there. 270,000 are in industrialized countries.

Based on the, data from European countries, the majority of the victims range from 10 to 24 years of age, with an estimation of 1. 2 million children who are trafficked each year, and out of that about 95% of those children, are exposed to physical and or sexual violence. 43% of the victims are forced to commercial sexual exploitation, which 98 percent of them are women and girls.