Humanistic Perspective Essay

Humanistic is a philosophical movement that emphasizes the personal worth of the individual and the centrality of human values.

A humanistic approach to personality likewise attends to matters of ethics and personal worth. Humanistic approaches often focus on love. Eric Formm states in out text we are often unaware of our longing for transcendence and unity. In reference to my trait independence this is true. I was once at one point immature and covered up my alienation by having fun.

According to Fromm to overcome this stage we must master the discipline to be patient, to concentrate, and to live actively in the present, overcoming our narcissism. In transitioning from being dependent on my parents to becoming an independent mother and mentor all of the above were required of me. Being a single mother taught me patience, and that’s something I often struggled with as an adolescent.

Becoming a mentor I had to be able to concentrate and have an open mind when listening to my teens.Being a mother and a mentor there is no room for narcissism. Victor Frankl theory emphasizes the benefits of personal choice.

Although my trait was not created by choice but by force, it made me more aware of the how my choices affects my life. Frankl became an influential existential psychologist reaching out to those who weighed down with despair and emptiness, although he endured the loss of his parents and wife. Often people let tragedies in their life dictate them.I too went through tragedies that made me into the mother and mentor that I am today ( i. e.

my father was killed when I was nine years old), although I was very young and didn’t really have goals or my life planned the loss of my father is one of the major reason I mentor young girls today. Many children in my generation grew up in single parent homes, mainly with just a mom. I feel I can personally relate and let them know how it feels to grow up with out a dad.Frankl would say this is an example of a struggle that lead to a triumph of the human spirit. According to my trait independence Fromm theory focuses on being able to transcend from being dependent to independent and to have the discipline and patience when doing so. Frankl objectives are to make you aware that you have a choice and only you can dictate the choices you make.

Maslow concentrates on self-actualization, discovering your peak experiences, the organismic theory, deficiency needs, and the POI (personal orientation inventory).