Humanity so far as accusing his brother

Humanity by definition refers to the quality or condition of being human. Throughout the two literary works, The themes, symbols and characters presented in both literary works give the reader an increased knowledge of humanity. In King Lear, the characters thirst for power causes the characters to DELETE reveal (habits displayed OR often shown by humanity) instead of this ->humanity’s habits .  The Tiger’s Wife perfectly displays through its stories the good and bad aspects of humanity .   Both sets of characters become victims of circumstance due to the role of humanity, although remain optimistic during these difficult times.  In King Lear ,the battle between order and chaos is evident.  Due to this battle people are often forced to turn against one another.  Gloucester’s family is broken apart due to his son Edmund’s greed. He goes so far as accusing his brother Edgar of treason, ” Seeing how loathly opposite I stood to his unnatural purpose, in fell motion, With his preparèd sword he charges home My unprovided body, latched mine arm.” ( Shakespeare 2.1.54-56).  This  is a clear act of betrayal , which is a major motif in both novels. The deceitful actions done by Edmund were solely intended to tarnish Edgar’s reputation in the kingdom.  Edmund deceiving his brother, which could get him killed due to the treason accusation, shows the reader how quick people are to betray each other  when a position of power arises.   Similarly, The Tiger’s Wife also demonstrates the theme of betrayal.For example, when the people of Galina fabricate lies,”People in Galina now, they give a thousand explanations for Luka’s marriage to the tiger’s wife”. ( Obreht 212) This quote demonstrates how easily the truth of sensitive events can be distorted What do u mean sensitive events?.  In many instances, and from what is shown in this particular case, people do not understand how powerful their actions are and the  effects they cause.  This  demonstrates the ignorance of humanity as the stories that are told about Luka make him look so much more sinister. Proving that Luka is a prime victim of betrayal and should trust no one due to humanities underhanded ways.  Regardless of humanities flaws,  characters in both novels find a way to coexist.  It shows the reader that not all people are bad and deceptive, but rather there is also good in the world. In both King Lear and “The Tiger’s Wife”, one joining factor is the symbolism of animals. Symbols in each novel explain the tendencies and flaws of humanity, while also showing how worthy animals are in each novel.   King Lear is based on a struggle of power similar to that of the animal world.  The animal kingdom and King Lear each lack order which creates for a chaotic scene, “Send quickly down to tame these vile offenses,It will come:Humanity must perforce prey on itself Like monsters of the deep.”  (4.2.50-51). Albany is attempting to say that without order, the characters in the play will begin to act like the animals they look down upon.   The human flaw here is a lack of humility, animal symbolism is used to showcase the characters inhumane ways of handling a situation and that they will be rudely humbled if this is not corrected.  Likewise, The Tiger’s Wife uses its animal symbolism to give a further explanation of humanity to the reader. The tiger himself is an essential part to the story as he is that clear divide between humans and animals , helping us understand humanities true feelings towards something that is different than them.  The reader can tell how the villagers truly feel due to the language used to describe the tiger, “It strengthened and reinforced the building blocks of his nature, honed his languid, feline reflexes; and the long-lost Siberian instinct pulled him north, into the cold.” The tiger symbolizes wildness and fear; he is the extreme sign of the villager’s fear of others’ differences. That which is different is feared, demonized, and ultimately, must be destroyed. Furthermore, the tiger symbolizes the villagers insecurity and shows how psychologically weak they really are.  Due to the fact that they can’t accept an animal just because it is different than them.  Similarly to King Lear, characters in both novels have trouble seeing animals as nothing but beastly creatures.  This insecurity puts them at a disadvantage, instead they should be trying adapt to their surroundings. Failing to adapt, as demonstrated in the novel, has its consequences.  In many novels,  characters are simply used to tell a story for entertainment purposes.  In both texts studied, characters display a greater underlying meaning.  Each novel has a character who represents humanity’s preservation of loyalty regardless of the circumstances.  Cordelia personifies kindness and virtue by her unwillingness to turn against any of the characters regardless of the negativity around her.  She particularly shows this when she cares for her father and is saddened at the sight of his suffering, “For thee, oppressèd King, I am cast down.  Myself could else outfrown false fortune’s frown.” (5.3.6-7).  Cordelia’s reunion with her father  marks the restoration of order in the kingdom and the victory of love over hatred and spite. It shows that good hearted people will stick to their ways and wish for positivity.  Cordelia is in constant battle with those who wish for negativity and chaos.  Her rebellion against them shows her strength as a human being and tells the reader that humanity is not all bad.  Similarly Natalia from ” The Tiger’s Wife” shows the true good in humans when she keeps a strong relationship with her grandfather.  Like in King Lear, maintaining this relationship shows both Natalia’s and humanities strength, when regardless of all the possible factors which could sway her mind she understands the importance of family and loyalty.  Both Natalia and Cordelia show their good nature by maintaining strong relationships with fatherly figures in their lives on the contrary to other characters who stay away from those power due to jealousy. Characters from both novels show the reader that although there is a negative environment around both characters that people’s good nature will always prevail.  In both novels the characters face difficult circumstances as there is negativity all around them.  . Throughout the two literary works, the themes, symbols and characters present allow the reader to obtain an increased knowledge of humanity . Regardless of the grim environment both novels show the reader that there is still some good in humanity and  that those with strong virtue will always find a way to maintain their positive ways.