Hungary it. In the country there are three

is a relative small country; however, it is playing a huge role in the
migration crisis because the country’s border also the border of the European
Union as the Schengen border. That is why the migration is an extremely
critical issue in here. The political parts try to turn this theme on their
advantage. It usually means that they emphasize the disadvantage of it.

the country there are three big coalition, the right-wing, the liberal side and
the extremists right-wing. The current leader is a right-wing party called
Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Alliance with our prime minister Viktor
Orbán. The liberal party is in pieces, they are not as strong as they were. The
extremists right-wind party called Jobbik –
Movement for Better Hungary is a literally new party.1
At the moment they are also a possible winner of the election at 8th
of April in Hungary. The Jobbik is became a famous party in Hungary because
they represent the Hungarian conception which means we must protect our unique
culture. The Jobbik gives us only two opportunity we agree, or we disagree with
their meanings there is no a middle road/other option. Some people disagree
because they had a connection with extremists and anti-Semitic movements.
However, now they are trying to become more acceptable and respect all races.
So as their program have been changed their followers or current voters also
modified. Nowadays, their representation is increasing in the label of young
adults and adults too. Nevertheless, the current government is highly strong, and
they own the two-thirds of the parliament, which mean they can change any basic
rule or almost everything.

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Jobbik current voters are could came from every layer. Student give their votes
because Jobbik represent something new which they have not experienced yet
because of their youth. I could understand them because we learn a lot about
the occupation by the soviets and the revolution in 1989 and the liberal
political parties and the social political parties and so on, but Hungary have
not ever seen a right-winded party. They have innovative ideas and they are
also more opened for the youth thoughts than the other parties. However, I am
not a favour of the Hungarian politic. The other layer could be the mid-aged
workers, who just work for living and the true Hungarians who are not really
opened in other cultures moreover they are satisfied with Hungary and believe
they must protect it from the emigrants. Finally, there are those people who
are lived and vote for the liberal parties than for the right-winded parties
and now they just want some changes which could be the Jobbik, withal it is a
right-winded party they still have fresh and daring ideas.

situation of the Jobbik is almost as hard as the liberal party’s position. They
have their own online television channel, newspaper and supporter sites. Behind
them a famous political person – however, his rule was bad at the first time –
is who supports them financially. Most of their supporters are in East Hungary
moreover they won an election in a greater city there. Nevertheless, at the
beginning they had a lot of anti-Semitic supporter, as I mentioned before, and
that is one of the reasons why their overall picture is bad. They said that,
changed their internal system but is hard to forget something which was your
part at the first time.

their program, the Jobbik do not have a new program for this year meanwhile
they are give some guidelines and those are promising. First, in my opinion
this is the most important, they would like to represent the whole Hungarian
nation not just their followers. They try to create a democratic country;
however, their migration policy is the worst. they would like to quick from the
Quota system and they do not accept the European Union rules. They would like
to protect the Hungarian nation from all type of emigrant even if they are
truly looking for a new place to live because their homes were destroyed. So,
in that case we can say that the Jobbik are not cooperate with our Christian or
ethical duty which is to help for those who needs. In that case I agree with
Pope Francis who said that we should stand together and rise our soul against
the terrorism and the wars between cultures. Other points of the Jobbik’s
program are sounds awesome like rising the salaries and create a three keys tax
system, which means there will be different tax charges which are depend of the
average salary.

Jobbik appearance in the media is quite bad. As I said before they have an
online TV channel but otherwise almost every available channel is connected to
the present government. A few weeks ago, they had a lot of public adviser
surface but because of a lawsuit and some bad decision they lose their
advantage and they also had to pay a lot of money to the Hungarian state. But
they did not give up. Unfortunately, the liberal parties do not have a tv
channel anymore but in their media the Jobbik was in a better picture than the
Fidesz, it should mean something (Róna,2014).

the one hand there is a television channel which is not really supports
everybody more like try to stand next to the freedom of speech. It is the HírTV
meanwhile it has been said it is owned by the same guy who supports the Jobbik.
Clearly there is a connection. On the other hand, this channel also does not
say nothing great or wrong news about the Jobbik.

I tried to show televisions because those are the most useful devices of the
persuasion. However, I must mention the online media. It is also a current way
to rumour important cases but also dangerous because a competent person easily
can check those news rights2.

conclusion, the Jobbik is a famous party with great plains and policies but as
everything it is also has a darker face. In that case it means the protection
from the emigrants and the problem of the xenophobia (Hunyadi, Molnár, 2016).
Moreover, we did not talk about the local gypsy problem solving theories yet. A
political party should serve always its country’s people but in connection with
the European union or at least by the ethical rules3.