The title. We worked in-groups of about

The fourth piece that we did was a title called “The Fishing Trip”. I was not part of this piece but I was in the audience. This was done very well. It was made to sound like a redneck family going out fishing. The group was Matthew, Lovette, Stefanie, Mark and Tiffani. The characters were developed well as they used names such as Ma Pa etc. The grandfather told stories to his children about how the fish were bigger in his day and how everything was better as old people often do. They used space very well and set up chairs at the edge of an imaginary riverbank. The old grandfather who was played by Matthew, sat in a very laid back way and seemed lazy Also they held imaginary rods in a very convincing way. This piece was very good and fun to watch as it was funny.

The fifth piece we did was called “The Bank Robbery”. In-groups of about five we had to comprise four freeze frames of a bank robbery, and a cartoon script line. My group was Stefanie, Jelani, Matthew, Kristen and Lovette. We did this by using facial expressions of fear for the bank clerks and meanness for the robbers. Also we used fear facial expressions for the robbers when the police came. This scene worked well as we used over-exaggerated facial expressions to show how we felt. Also all the bank robbers held their hands in the way one would hold a gun to convince the audience that they were really bank robbers. We set up a counter in front of the two bank clerks who were Stefanie and I and used space well. Also when the bank clerks were being attacked we threw up our hands and used surprised facial expressions as well as fear.

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The next section we did under ‘spontaneous improvisation’ was ‘polished improvisation’. The first title we were given to improvise was ‘summertime’. For this we had to come up with four freeze frames too represent the title. We worked in-groups of about 5. In my group were Matthew, Jelani, Stefanie, Kristen and Lovette. The four freeze frames that our group did were ‘Playing Volleyball, rollerblading, surfing and buying ice creams’.

To portray playing volleyball we split the group to form two teams. We used certain stances such as looking up with our hands clenched together and holding one arm up as if we were going to spike a ball to symbolise playing volleyball. Also we looked happy and we used our facial expressions to show this. We set up a line of chairs to represent the net and we used our space well. We looked happy by smiling and looking like we were laughing.

For rollerblading we took up rollerblading stances such as standing with one foot of the ground behind us and one of us pretended to fall over. We all put on facial expressions to show happiness and all of us smiled and laughed. For surfing we used chairs to represent surfboards and some of the group stood on the chairs. The rest of the group played a crowd of people watching. The surfers had looks of concentration combined with happiness on their faces, To represent buying ice cream, we had on person who was selling ice cream, on person who was buying and the rest who were eating it. Everyone had looks of happiness on their faces. We all stood holding imaginary cones and pretended to lick the ice cream.

The second title given was ‘The Birthday Party’. I was part of the audience for this. The group was LeRhonda, Sheena, Tiffani, Lovette, and Mark. Again they had to do four freeze frames. The group which performed this used looks of surprise and happiness to represent the feelings of the people at the birthday party. One scene which I think worked particularly well was the scene when LeRhonda came through the door, The look of surprise on her face was very good and everyone else was standing with their arms out as if they were shouting surprise. The piece was very good and the group seemed to work excellently together

The third title was ‘The Demon Headmaster’. I was part of the audience for this piece as well. In the group were Reuben, Sara, Sacha, Erica and Stefanie. Again they had to make four freeze frames. The group used very vivid expressions of anger, terror and pain. They all looked very frightened except for the Demon headmaster who was played by Reuben and looked very evil. The scene, which I think worked very well, was when they all held their hands out ready to be caned, the faces and body language in this scene were very realistic. This piece worked very well and was nice to watch.

The fourth title was ‘Hunt in the Jungle’. I was part of the audience in this piece. The group, which performed this piece, turned it into a manhunt. In the group were LeRhonda, Sacha, Sara, Mark and Sheena. A group of girls formed a tribal group and chased a boy. They formed a circle around an imaginary fire and chanted this made the piece realistic. The problem with this piece was that all the girls corpsed.