Huxley View on Modern World Essay

Huxley satirically comments on the state of the modern world—the world around him in the 1930’s and by extension, the future as well. One of the ways that he does this is through use of the caste system. Having a caste system is not unique to the world state. Ancient cultures it to separate the peasants and the wealthy, or the rich and the poor.

In fact, even now society has customised a modern caste system, even though people are conditioned to think otherwise.As a society, we use our caste system to discriminate against people who look different, people are also forced to do jobs based on their position in the caste system. First of all, everyone in the book brave new world expresses discrimination against the savages, this also stands true in modern day life. there is not true discrimination amongst the class because there is a moral aspect in discrimination, that is taken away from the citizens before they can even think, everyone in the world state is happy with where they are.They do discriminate against the savages because they have been conditioned differently when Bernard and Lenina go to the reservation they are frightened when they see the savages, just like John felt scared and out of place when he went to the world state.

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In the modern world people discriminate against anyone who has had different conditioning than them because they are scared of the unfamiliar. I think huxley is trying to tell people that the only thing that separates us and makes individuals is our own personal conditioning that we experience through our entire lives.Moreover, The people in the world state have found a way to condition people thoroughly in there childhood so everyone in each class is identical. If our society continues to attempt to discriminate people so that they will fit into the perceived proper class, the classes in our caste system will lack individualism and our society will start to resemble the society created by Aldous Huxley.

Also in the world state a persons character is judged based on their position in the caste system. unfortunately, in the world state the perceived characterisation of a person is generally true.Thankfully, in modern times that judgment is almost always false. In the world state people are told what field to work in because what they have been told to do will benefit society the most. In the 1900’s women were told if they want to help society they should do everything in their power to please their husband. children are told that the only way they can make a diffrence in society is to become a lawyer or a doctor.

Although now society has tried to steer clear of “social predestination” some of the aftermath is exists today, if our society is not carful we might resemble the caste system of the world state.In conclusion, Aldous Huxley is warning society to steer clear from strict caste system even though it is effective economically, they take away the freedom of citizens, by forcing them to discriminate against people who don’t know better, and by forcing them to follow rules to benefit society that some people individually don’t believe in. Although it is impossible to eliminate all caste systems people can try to keep them becoming to strict so that the society does not lose the individualism of its people.