I the past three years and taught him

I have known Mr.Vongala Sai Sumith Reddy for the past three years and taught him
“Linux Programming”. He has keen
knowledge of the fundamentals and strong ability to apply the concepts. He has
performed very well in his academics. I believe that he has high potential for
success in your institution. He had been extremely active as a coordinator in
organizing the technical fest “Sreevision’15” conducted at our college. This
showed that he has the capacity to work effectively and efficiently in a group.
He is intelligent, perceptive and enthusiastic learner and always came with
novel methods for solving problems. During my two years of interaction with
him, I could observe his strong analytical skills combined with an excellent
grip on various concepts.


Mr.Vongala Sai Sumith Reddy specializes
in Data Analysis and Machine learning. He has worked under
my supervision for his technical report on “Visual representations for Image Style Transfer”. In his work, he described how the visualizations of
style and content representations would work for generating art-like images by
using deconv approach. I found his work to be genuine and excellent.

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After coming to know about his paper on cosmology titled “Particle motion and
scattering in Finslerian Schwarzschild metric”, I think that Mr.Vongala Sai Sumith
Reddy shows a profound understanding of Physics because he has both an
outstanding ability to learn subject independently and talent of generating his
own ideas and working on difficult problems. 
Also, his grades in engineering mathematics describe him to be an outstanding
mathematics student. This
shows that Mr.Vongala Sai Sumith Reddy remarkably possesses a unique combination
of extensive knowledge in computer science, mathematics and physics. His
excellent command over various fields will definitely suit for graduate
education and research. In various discussions, he exhibited maturity, proposed
original ideas and made outstanding conclusions.


I am confident that Mr.Vongala Sai
Sumith Reddy will prove himself worth enough at your institution. I therefore,
recommend him strongly for graduate studies in your institution with all the
necessary aid that he deserves. I am sure that he will keep up to his potential
and bring laurels to your institution.