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 I murmur- “Umhaaaa…, my lips ohhhh my lips but better” as I applied this lipstick. I was in my zone.Mr.Mariner:  “Why do you keep loving and praising yourself and always says “my lips………”?Me:  “Because these lipsticks are meant to be loved by us, as they are almost the same color as my natural lips.

“Silence- Some things are to be understood only by us ladies. We hunt for a lipstick that is exactly like our bare lips you could call such color your “my lips but better” shade (otherwise known as MLBB) & a blush that is exactly like our natural…err, flush?”Lipsticks” A simple swipe can do wonders and perhaps the only reason why we women are into lipsticks.While we’re usually focused on perfecting our application when wearing highly pigmented hues. Nude lipsticks should also need just as much time and attention as paid to other pigmented hues. The foundation, application and wear of your nude shade can be the difference between a long lasting, defined lip and a washed out, camouflaged mess.

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Why nude over pigmented hue? The beauty world’s obsession with all things dewy has shifted from skin to lips. You’ve likely seen images floating around of juicy, heavily-glossed lips with very minimal pigment or no pigment. Pigmented hue like red, mauve, pink are more classic and full on while nude makes things more modern and paired back says the make-up artist Wendy Rowe “Nude is also much easier to wear as it works on every lip shape.To check best nude lipstick click hereWhy nude when you can go the natural way of going bare lips?Going nude for uneven or pigmented lips We all know that not all of us have those pretty pink pouty lips. There are many of us who have pigmented lips with a hint of pink in them or red lips, and that is why we prefer nude lip colors because they help us hide the pigmentation and yet give us the no lipstick look by making our lips look alluring and eye catching.Going nude for everyday life Trendy lipsticks come and go, but one shade everyone should have in their makeup is their go-to lip color that’s perfect for every day, in any season, that’s your MLBB Color. Simply put nude hue, matches your natural lip color, and you are ready for the day.Going nude when you are hitting 40 For aging beauties a subtle makeup look is always preferred over a heavy one, balance the subtle lips with kohl rimmed eyes looking stylish and elegant.

Introduce yourself to subtle shades like mauves, dusty rose and muted pinksGoing nude when you are stepping in to your college life College days are pretty much the best days of our lives, and a signature nude lipstick is something that every girl needs. Nude lipsticks are the best for everyday wear and they go well with all outfits, be it Indian or western.But finding a decent nude lipstick is one of the hardest things to do. Nude lips are one of the easiest ways to soften up strong features and create a sultry irresistible look.

But when it comes to shop so many times you failed, you rush out to buy a particular nude lipstick seen in a video/on a celebrity/ heard from hype, end finally end up to find that the lipstick u just bought looks like concealer on your lips? So what are those guidelines to choose them perfectly?Are you a newbie? If you have been a proponent of bright red and fuchsia, transitioning to nude lip might be challenging for you, but you can always experiment with your lip shades for being more stylish and in-trend. Use a nude lipstick over your favorite lip color to see how you like it. If you want to go lighter, decrease the amount of your preferred color and add more of the nude next time, You will be able to easily judge which nude shade looks perfect on you. Start with the shades like peachy to pink, Contrast the nude lip with heavy eye makeup and get ready to slay the world with your look.Come out from the myth! Nude does not means pale, concealer-type shades as those shades make most people look sick.The most flattering nude lipsticks are almost exactly like your bare/natural lips; or 1-2 shades lighter (depending on how pigmented your lips are).

Avoid testing on your hands This is the big blunder most women does, avoid testing the shade on your hands (as they are usually darker than your face) , if possible try to test on your lips or your finger tip to see how the shades works with your natural coloring.Test when you are makeup free Yes avoid makeup when you are going for testing the shade, as bare skin will give you a better idea to choose the perfect shade for your skin and whether the lip color is going to compliment you or not.Shop in Person Web-only deals make buying makeup online tempting, but this is one product you want to try out in-person. Often, natural lip shades will appear like they’ll work for you in the tube, but look completely different once it’s on and against your skin tone.

Skip Glosses Your lips aren’t naturally shimmery or shiny, so picking a gloss as your MLBB doesn’t really make sense, trust me.Go dimensional Do you find the nude lip color unexciting or too dull? Does it wash you out? Go for a 3D effect on your lips – the easiest way will be applying gloss on the middle portion of your lips.Another way is to use a nude lipstick over your favorite lip color. Start from the middle then move towards corners.

You can also try inverse that by using a pigmented shade on the corners of your lips and moving towards the middle.This will give the illusion of fuller and plumper lips.Pick as per your skin tone:Milky skin tone-“If you have a milky skin tone try a soft, dusty baby pink shade.Fair skin tone-If you have fair skin, you should look for rosy-beige, golden tinted neutrals, mauve and pink-toned browns in a nude lipstick.Light skin tone-If you have a light skin tone, you should look for a warmer nude shade.

“You can definitely go for pink-beige, but with little pigment in your nude lipstickMedium skin-If you have a medium skin tone you should look for the slight pinkness in a nude lipstick… which will adds separation between your lip and your skin,”Tan skin-If you have tan skin, you should look for glossy, shimmery in a nude lipstick bring out the sun-kissed look of your skin, brown hue shade looks stunning as it goes perfectly with your complexion.Dark or olive skin tone-If you have a dark skin tone, you should look for picking a nude shade lighter than your actual skin tone to brighten the face and sticking to a gloss formula for a more natural-looking effect. Opt for caramels, warm browns and avoid anything pastel – this can wash you out.Pick as per your undertone: warm undertones -Women with warm under tone look best with nude lipsticks that have a tinge of peach and coral whilecool undertone -women with cool undertone will look great with pinkish and plum nudes.Olive skin with warm undertone- Olive skin tones with warm undertones should look for a caramel-tone and beige lipstick that is darker than the shade of your skin,Olive skin with cool undertone- If you have olive skin with cool undertones, you have a lot more versatility when it comes to nude lipsticks, “You can go with a darker nude, or a lighter nude so your lips don’t disappear.” Olive tones can pick up rose or pink colored hues, for a sheer, pink-tinted lip colorSo beauties this was from my side, find your perfect nude shade and rock the look when you don’t want to bring too much attention to your lips.Please share your love for your favorite hue!