“I palace, the Blenheim palace in Oxford 5

“I would say to the house … ‘ I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat’. “1 2

                Prime minister of England in WW2, a great British statesman, a Briliant historian who had published dozens of volumes on the history of England and Europe. He also has been noted as a master of elocution. He was awarded the Nobel Prize In 1953 for Literature because of his historical and biographical presentations and for the dazzling oratory in which he has stood forth as a defender of human values, this is Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill.3 4

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                Winston churchill was born on November 30 1874, in his grandfather’s palace, the Blenheim palace in Oxford 5 6. His family were among the heghiest levels of the British aristocracy7. His grandfather John Winston was the 7th duke of Marlborough8, while his father Lord Randolph who was a British politician and statesman9, and his mother was the American heiress Jennie Jerom.10 11

Churchill started his education path in Dublin where his nanny -Elizabeth Ann Everest- started teaching him how to read, write and and do simple math. Elizabeth was the babysitter and nurse who occupied his mother’s place. The relationship between him and his parents was very cold; he was rarely visited by his mother, and the same thing with his father, and it was said that Churchill talked to his dad a few times!12 13 When Churchill was 7 he began going to St. George’s school in Berkshire. However, he wasn’t the best student, as he had poor academic skills, and he was often punished by his teachers as he had a rebellious nature. Churchill changed his school, where his academic skills improved, He received a good education in English , and won a prize for reading aloud a portion of Thomas Macaulay’s (1800–1859).

Many noticed that littel winston was always fascianated by military affairs; for how  he looked while watching the military parade and marches that were passing through viceroy’s seat of interest and passion.

                “Politics is almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times.”14

“Winston Churchill’s long political career began in October 1900, when he was elected to take the seat for Oldham as Member of Parliament or MP in the House of Commons. Later, Churchill represented, as MP, the areas of Manchester Northwest (1906-08); Dundee (1908-22); and Woodford (1924-64).”