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I was introduced to the world of computers through programming courses in my school. Since then, the interest for computers has been cummulating inside me and the same persuaded me to be a part of the Information Technology industry.During the course of my undergraduate program that spanned four years, the academic course structure, combined with a healthy balance between theoretical aspects and programming capabilities, and an excellent set of faculty members, introduced me to the stimulating field of research. I was able to gain a sound exposure to the core fields of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication, Computer Science, Material Science and Mathematics. I have also conducted and participated in quite a few intra-university presentations based on Information Systems. I have always enjoyed the practical aspects of my studies, and this is one of the many factors contributing to my excellent performance in practical-lab exercises, term work, oral and practical examinations, and project work. I managed to secure good grades in all of the core subjects. The projects in which I worked, especially ‘Finger Gesture Based Moving Vehicles Using Motion Sensors’ which allows vehicles and wheelchairs to move based on the movement of a finger, provided me with a good exposure on designing and implementing algorithms based on Microcontrollers. I did an internship at ONGC where I got in-hand experience in the working of the telecommunication systems using satellite data to understand the land conditions of remote locations where specialists could not frequent. During the placement session at our campus, Tata Consultancy Services was among the best companies and it is one of the biggest MNCs’ of India. TCS conducted a joint campus recruitment drive, comprising of a technical round with it being an elimination one. Around 2000 students participated and owing to my strong programming skills, I managed to clear the round.At Tata Consultancy Services, I was part of their Digital Reimagination team where I got to work with latest techs and devices, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics. The employees are always encouraged to suggest innovative and brilliant ideas, methodologies and features for developing applications for smart-phones, tablet devices, smart camera devices, Google Glass and Xbox. They primarily work on creating innovative applications that included augmented reality, image recognition and tracking devices using bluetooth. I picked up on the programming languages like Core JAVA, Corona, Objective – C within first 6 months and was implementing applications simultaneously. While creating device applications, I grew an interest in developing web applications and was encouraged to take my interest forward. I swiftly learnt programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery within a month and started to work on Responsive Web Designing where a single piece of code would be rendered as websites in all devices like mobiles, tablets or desktops without it appearing distorted. While working as a Systems Engineer over here, I learnt how we can stretch our imagination and develop applications for better user experience and how efficient code practices help to design scalable programs. Tata Consultancy Services lays strong emphasis on efficient coding practices and they frequently conduct internal coding examinations for the employees to help them improve their coding skills. Till date I have cleared all such coding examinations in the first attempt itself, a feat achieved by only a few employees.At West Agile Labs, I am currently a part of their Front End team where I develop websites using Responsive Web Designing. As opposed to Tata Consultancy Services, West Agile Labs is a startup and hence the responsibilities of every individual is of utmost importance. I have been responsible for single handedly developing web applications using various programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, EmberJS for clients and handling multiple projects at a time. Working on multiple projects at a given time, has improved my skills on time management and efficient coding. I always make it a point of staying updated with the latest front end technology and ┬álearn them to develop applications for the clients. I get to work along with clients from all over the world which has taught me about client relations and client handling. I also work along with the Business Development team on creative solutions for new markets and opportunities and assist them with technical proposals.After acquiring 4.5 years of commercial technical experience at Tata Consultancy Services and West Agile Labs, I think this is the correct time for me to pursue graduation studies in information systems. I enjoy problem solving aspects more than anything else. I dedicate 2-3 hours regularly to solve various programming problems every day. So it will give me immense pleasure to be able to give even a minuscule contribution to this subject. Since problem solving is the most enjoyable and rewarding experience I have ever had, and also considering that it is an integral part of any career in Information Systems, I am eager to follow the path which would take me towards this aspect. I am equally enthusiastic about being involved in sharing my understanding of the subject.The Graduate program offered at University of Southern California, Viterbi School of Engineering, is well suited to my goals. I have also been impressed taken away by the computation facilities available for research and education. My Undergraduate level’s alumni and friends, who are currently studying at University of Southern California, have strongly encouraged me to apply for the program. I am confident that if I am given the opportunity to be associated with Viterbi School of Engineering, it would place me in a good stead throughout my career. I am looking forward to join Viterbi School of Engineering, as a graduation student at the esteemed and prestigious University of Southern California.