I classes because it showed how to properly

I am
very glad that I started this assignment early. It was nice being able to
compile all the information and then add to it later to make sure that it fit
the formatting. I wish I would have asked for help finding the viscosities for
this assignment earlier. I had a very hard time being able to find a consistent
source for methane and propane at room temperature. The numbers were not
working together well because methane and propane were being shown as gases at
room temperature while the rest of the alkanes were being shown as liquids.
This inconsistency caused a non-logarithmic relationship to form which was not
my desired outcome. I am now aware that to be productive in this class I need
to set aside time to work on the assignment by myself and in a quiet area that
I can concentrate in. I had to read over the formatting requirements multiple
times to feel confident in what I was turning in. Next time, to do better on
the assignment at hand I will make sure that I am aware of my deadlines so that
I can start at an early enough time that I am able to successfully complete my
assignment to the best of my abilities.


believe I made good use of my strengths by formatting my document wisely and
making sure that I addressed each question fully and directly. I attempted to
avoid failure by allotting enough time to research and fully record each site I
used for information on the desired subjects. I believe I successfully achieved
reaching the goals of this assignment by thoroughly familiarizing myself with
the assignment formatting, learning how to correctly create tables and graphs, and
properly citing my resources. I may have better achieved these goals if I had
more examples to base my work off and to make sure that I properly cited all
the data I used for my assignment.

assignment related to other classes because it showed how to properly set up
future reports and to always make sure that I include enough detail and to make
it look clean and precise. It also reminded me how important it is to read
through all the assignment objectives and to make sure to include everything of
importance. This also relates to my everyday life by helping me pay more
attention to my communication and organizational skills. Being able to
communicate how to do something or why you did something is useful in the
development of my future and current careers.


believe from this assignment I have learned how to successfully show off my
knowledge of a specific topic in a clear and precise way while also providing
insight on why I included certain data which made it relevant to the
assignment. For future assignments I am concerned if I will have a proper
amount of time to set up my assignment and make sure I include all the
information that I could possibly need. The only way I could think of improving
this assignment would be to not include the use of the room temperature
viscosities. It was way too difficult to find the correct number that needed to
be used to show the overall trend of the graph. It took me three days to find
an acceptable source that fit all my requirements. After finishing this
assignment, I feel more confident in my skills to create a report and in making
sure to label all my sources in the correct formatted technique. I am now more
interested in how I could improve further and create a proficient report in the