I management, support and repairs for Computer, hardware,


I would like express my interest to
study IT Security under the Information and Communication Management track of
the Masters of Computer Science degree at the University of Bonn. There are
various reasons I have chosen the pre-mentioned course.

My background as a Bachelor of Science
degree holder in Computer Science from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State,
Nigeria and my practical and relevant experience as the Computer Science
Department’s General Secretary (2013/2014 session), from the basis of my keen
interest in Computer Science. This was further fostered when I participated in
awareness campaigns on IT innovations and information security. I was also
afforded the opportunity to encourage other students on this line by organizing
workshops that centered on Information Security and its benefits to Computer
users in Nigeria and beyond.

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graduation, I got an internship with an Audit Firm and was later given
permanent employment in the IT department as an IT Support Analyst. In the
course of my employment, I have been able to receive hand-on experience in
System administration and deployment, real-time management, support and repairs
for Computer, hardware, software and Network (Router and Switch Configuration).
My quest for knowledge also led me to undergo a Cisco Certified Network
Associate (CCNA) training and passed the CCNA examination, and recently
completed an online tutorial on the Fundamentals of Cyber Security anchored by
the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA on www.edx.org.


to the fact that computers are available worldwide the threats are also common
to the world. For instance, recently, the Nigerian cyber space and the world’s
at large were traumatized by a Ransomware, that goes by the name “WannaCry”. It
was propagated using phishing emails, spreading to over 150 countries and
infecting over 200,000 computers and many corporations in Nigeria and abroad
lost a lot of money and confidential information to Wannacry.

is for this reason that I choose the University of Bonn. With its reputation,
the University of Bonn will aid me in serving my country in the fight in IT
Security, because a lot of day to day activities are done over the internet,
which gives room for hackers, fraudsters and scammers, coupled with the recent
increase in cyber attacks, the importance of IT Security in ensuring the
Confidentiality, Authenticity and Integrity of Information cannot be
overemphasized, as this would help create a more secured cyberspace and help
build the economy. This reason further strengthened my resolve to acquire this
degree as I seek to broaden my knowledge and also help increase the awareness
of IT security in Nigeria and contribute my quota in growing Nigeria’s IT
sector. Upon earning this Master’s degree, my future aspiration is to work in a
Multinational Company as an IT Security Expert, to learn from experienced
professionals on the field and simultaneously exploring practical opportunities
for advancement.


choice of Germany was not difficult as it is fourth largest economy, a
destination known for its symbol of technical, innovative and technological
excellence with outstanding relevant value-adding education in Science and
Engineering technology.

my aforementioned interests, I am confident that the opportunity made available
to me to study in Germany will expand my horizons to gain more knowledge and
increase my competence as a Process Engineer and as an individual.


you for your consideration and I look forward to your positive response.