I as it is the best option

I Abhishek Nazare have been much focused person when it comes to my career, from the beginning I wanted to pursue my career in Human Resource. I hail from a good family having ethical values for being a good person and a good citizen. I am deeply inspired by my father, a very practical and humane person who has guided and supported me throughout my life, propelling me forward to achieve success and laurels on the basis of my own endeavors and hard-work.   I decided to pursue B.B.I.

i.e. banking and insurance from Sydehnam College of Commerce and Economics.

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It was only while studying my degree the subjects like Human Resource Management kept me glued to it, the pace of the subject, the kind of research and dynamics of the subject appealed to me so much. I also pursued an Diploma in Human Resource Management from Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research. Further I felt the need an MBA degree to hone my skills in the various aspects of business and management, which will further enable me to come out as a sheer team leader and UK seems to be the best option to enhance my skills.An MBA will enable me to learn the dynamics of leadership, and to become a successful team leader with right kind of poise and wisdom, I need the platform of your highly esteemed institution. If given the platform, it will enhance my abilities, polish my skills and will provide me the right kind of business aptitude, for which UK is well known as it is the best option because of its sophistication, value and much renowned global benchmark.I have pursued my graduation in Banking and Insurance from Sydenham College of commerce and economics with an aggregate of 68% in Final year (3rd year). During  the three years  of degree course  I got acquainted  to subjects like Principles of management, Business Communication, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour, etc.

and got hands on experience while working for various projects on the topics like General Insurance, Personal Finance etc. along with my studies I always intended to take up a job related to my field. I started working with TATA-AIG as an Insurance Agent from October 2005 to November 2005, but since I wanted to work in the Human Resource field I started working with Sofomation Energy a US based recruitment firm from November 2006 till December 2007 as a Human Resource Executive. This job helped me with understanding how Human Resource Management works in an organization. As it was my final year I decided to quit my job at Sofomation Energy and concentrate on studies. After my graduation I was employed by Edwise International as a Human Resource Executive from August 2008 till January 2010.My responsibilities included Screening of candidates, conducting the preliminary round of interview, lining up candidates for interview, Maintaining the HR database all India, responsible for opening bank accounts, preparing appointment letters,relieving letters etc.

also handling the exit formalities and f&f clearance. My interpersonal and negotiation skills are nurtured by this employment.  With the liberalization of Indian economy, competition has increased manifold. .

This has helped me to understand the impact of globalization on market scenario and importance of being efficient to maintain competitive advantage. I am happy to say that a number of suggestions have been well accepted and implemented by the company.At personal level I like socialising and sports is my passion, I like to participate in various activities, at social level to. In sports I like to play football, Cricket and also swim.  I have represented my college for various fashion shows and have accumulated good rewards in return.

Reading, music, dance, celebrating all festivals is my hobby. Well I always believe in the saying every cloud has a silver lining, thus very optimistically I am anticipating that you will provide me the platform, which will lead to accomplishment of my ambition.