I also searched for more

I also searched for more specific examples of quiz
websites written in Python, using both Django and Flask. Tom Walker 10
built a configurable quiz app in Django. His website uses a twitter bootstrap
for the front end and he stripped out anything from the template files that
rely on bootstrap.  9 other developers
contributed on the project via Github. It was a complicated project as the
system included models for multiple choice questions, essay questions and short
answer questions. They also included multiple languages translations in their
system. The system’s features include question order randomisation, true/false
questions, pass marks set by examiner, and image display next to question. The
attribute that I was intrigued the most is the use of Mixins. In Python, Mixins
are a way of implementing multiple inheritance. They are a kind of class that
is used to “mix in” extra properties and methods into a class. This enables
creation of classes in a compositional style. Mixins are used if you want to
provide a lot of optional features for a class and if you want to use a
particular feature in a lot of different classes.