I getting. Education should be life-changing opportunity for



I experienced and passed exactly two decades of my life in the name of better education. Then now I revealed all the education that I am getting is incomplete. I remember those moments, reading whole night. Mugging in loud and memorizing things every morning and evening passing those school exams. Same experience again repeats while passing my undergrad exam. This is not only me, the majority of Nepali students have the mindset and its still, if you can mug up you can pass the exam easily. Our education never lets us think outside the box. Then now I realize the value of education I am getting. Education should be life-changing opportunity for everyone. But our education system enhances us to marks changing opportunity. We only gain paper knowledge, paper degree everything paper nothing real.

But, now at this moment when I am thinking about future somewhere of 2050 AD. The real big question came to my mind do all those paper degrees going to change something for better tomorrow? Is the same traditional way of expressing education will change our life? Absolutely not! We need Education 4.0 now.

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Let’s understand very briefly about The Fourth Industrial Revolution before the leap into the Education 4.0. Fourth Industrial Revolution known as (4IR) was publicly announced in Davos, Switzerland in 2016. According to forbes.com, “Industry 4.0 is the next revolution in industrialization. In which computers and automation will come together in an entirely new way, with robotics connected remotely to computer systems equipped with machine learning algorithms that can learn and control the robotics with very little input from human operators.” 4IR helps to cultivate unlimited possibilities of building a new digital civilization that could be far better than what we have now. Our Government of Nepal is not serious and left to do lots of homework and research on it. If same things happen and if Nepal does not take the innovation path from now onwards, it will remain stuck in poverty just like we faced in the first, the second, and the third industrial revolutions.

Education 4.0 is the improvement of digital competences across all levels, and to increase the use of digital technologies for teaching and learning. It will change the reading and learning habits. This education enhances us impressively that we can able to meet the knowledge and skills requirements for tomorrow. This Education will be something very unique where we can access from anywhere anytime. We can think why/where instead of what/how. This education evaluates us not examined. Countries like Nepal must need to adopt this education culture. We need to produce more and more innovator and innovating minds for tomorrow rather than job seeking one.


The history of Education 1.0 begins in an early 19th century that experience with memorization; Education 2.0 Internet-enabled learning was introduced in the mid-19th century. Education 3.0 deals with Consuming & Producing knowledge in the 20th century. The education we need now is Education 4.0: Empowering education to produce innovation. The big question arises why we need Education 4.0? So, I compiled reason:


•    Educations 4.0 prepare students to understand transformations happening in the global context. They will aware of national and international issues, experience perspectives of change find ways to manage and navigate to solve.


•    Students will have more opportunities to learn at different times in different places. eLearning, eLibrary kinds of tool facilitate opportunities to them wherever they are. 


•    Students will learn from their own study tools. They are free to design learning materials by themselves as per their capacity and ability. This means those students who experience difficulties in any subject will get an opportunity to practice more until they achieved required level. Thus, teachers will able to see the improvement areas and guide accordingly.


•    The student will experience “Learning by Doing” things. They will have so many opportunities to learn how to apply their skills in the variety of situations. They will get adequate project-based learning which equally helps them to learn about organizational, collaborative, and time management skills.


•    Education 4.0 enables students to adopt real-world skills that are representative of their jobs. This means curriculum will design in such a way that it creates more room for students to fulfill internships, monitoring projects etc.


•    Students will get an opportunity to build the logical mindset, Interesting part is that they will have statistical analysis, analyses data and predict future trends. Applying their theoretical knowledge into numbers and reasoning.


•    Education 4.0 changes the traditional ways of taking exams. Students are evaluated not examined on their memorization. They are tested in real-time according to their performance when they work on projects in the field.