I but an ego satisfaction by defeating

I wonder whether are experiencing something else and just naming them love !!!!!

Is it something which is so intense? Which if it over enters into your life, then every movement will be beautiful, all fears will end , absolute fearless!!!!

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I have a simple question for u “what is love?”  Are we loving is right way? Or it is not wat we call it, love is something else?

I wonder whether attachment is being considered love us… Is attachment love?

We say I love this teaching job, when we top up. But when we get failed miserably for over, then we start saying, I hate teaching. Do we really love this job or love being a topper? Abd that is not even love but an ego satisfaction by defeating other. When we win by defeating others, we start calling them love. Winning , is it love? Ego, it is love?

That you have nothing in your life. You”ll feel bitter to hear this. But try to comprehend the thing what I ‘m saying if you can get it

If a guy is not happy with his life. Due to what he unhappy? What the reason?

He is unhappy just because of his one thoughts. He thinks that he couldn’t decome what he wanted to be is tha cause of his sadness.

But in actual fact, his thoughts is cause of his sadness. Got it?

He who doesnot love himself, he love anybody?  Got it?

He who is unsatisfied whis his life, can he love anybody else?

He will want to use a person to satisfy himself & will give it the name of love.

I say, I love someone , do we really love that person, if I really love, someone means care

In addition of intense feeling & excitement. So  Is felling love?, is sensation love?

Somebody give us an amazing sensation, get pleasures,  So, we start giving it the name of love when we get it. And start receiving that pleasures from somebody else, then we start saying, I love somebody else.  We leave them…… Is that really love? So neither feeling is love nor thought. We can create numerous loves as much as we want at the level of thoughts.

Terroists has been doing same things. They might be wrong for you but not for themselves. That’s y they are doing it.  They won’t do that if they were wrong for themselves. They thinks that whatever they r doing right.  Y r they doing it? Case they love. Whom the  love? They love there thought ! the thoughts due to which feelings is being triggered within. “I’ll do that”. Motivation such as I’ll do that. They love it. Is that love?

Divorces case happens !  the couples who were mad for each other like Laila mjnu. Today, they both r making great efforts to ruin each other’s life which has no limitations “I’ll ruin her life, I’ll ruin his life”. Where it is coming from those words? Is it coming from love? Can there be scopes of hatred if there is love?

Need to be understood what is love is? Cause we’ll never be able to experience it if we don’t know about love. Or else we’ll start calling feeling a love. & due to that feeling , does our life get better or worse?  What is feeling? It is kind of sensation, is not it? Can there be feeling without sensation? Here I touched it , so I felt it so is feeling love? Is sensation love?  Is thought love? Think……

You get some sensation from something and you r attached to it what u call love. Would that make ur life more better or worse?  U say I love this food ! do you really love that food? U want to leave that food but u r not able to leave that food. U want to leave paratha & that butter spreaded over it, wants to stop buttering but u r not able to leave that, bcoz of taste.  U r getting attached to it. Cause u get some kind of greating feeling & sensations from that.  We say, that food was delicious, I enjoyed it. So, is pleasure love?  I m writing of this topic at very basic level. Even hear u might be wondering, “what I m writing”. But it is a fact, it is a matter of kinds. One can comprehend the structure if one has brain.

What we call “love”, there is certainly our selfish motive in that. U will comprehend it if u look deeply into urself, despite that fact, we give it the name of love