I term 2018/19. During the International Exchange programme

I am Philip Yeboah, student of the
Export-oriented management programme at the IMC. With this letter, I would like
to express my strong interest in participating in an exchange semester abroad
in the fall term 2018/19. During the International Exchange programme
presentation at the IMC, I assured myself that it is one of the best options
for me and my long-term career goals. I want to partake in an international exchange for various reasons.

this is a unique opportunity for me to live in another country and experience a
different culture. I am hoping to widen my horizon in life with this journey
through my interaction with locals to get an insight into their customs,
culture and traditions. Additionally, I could improve my communication and
organizational skills which are crucial in our dynamic business world.

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Secondly, the
opportunity to study one semester abroad in another international atmosphere is
something unique, as it offers me the ability to be exploratory. I get the
chance to explore the unknown and try different activities which I am not
exposed to here. Moreover, without my regular interactions with my friends and
family, I will be compelled to make new friends which I am also looking forward
to. I consider myself open-minded, adaptable, considerate and tolerant towards
others, and I do believe that I could integrate myself into a completely new