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I was recently asked about “digital strategy” – specifically, what it is, what it isn’t and my views on or definition of, it.Here’s my response with some links to some recent articles I found to be both topical and insightful on the point of digital strategy, generally. I publish this quick post in the hope that it helps others facing a similar question, respond and/or that it invites some healthy and constructive discourse to help enlighten others around the topic.Here’s my 10c worth; There is no such thing as a “digital strategy” but rather, a strategy for a digital world, You might have ideated and tested some great strategies, but the most important thing is to pick one and go for it. In other words, strategy and execution both matter, Competitive advantage has traditionally been about creating or finding barriers to entry to exploit. More and more, it’s now about generating a greater force of attraction and relevance in the minds of you customers’ to your strategy, mission and purpose,Many companies feel a pull to imitate the strategy and practices of competitors or others from outside industry. I see this a lot. We need to do this initiative because others are. This rarely ends well. Focus on accentuating your current and desired, future, core competencies and execute well on these and above all, be very clear about what you are doing it in service of! To me I subscribe to the view that in developing a strategy for a digital world your ‘strategy emerges over time as intentions collide with and accommodate a changing reality’. The changing reality in which we all operate, and will continue to operate in, is more and more digitally-enabled. Notice I used the words “digitally-enabled” not “digitally-mastered”!What I personally think this means to organisations is that they should be constantly scanning, looking, imagining and experimenting – i.e. doing – where new and advanced ‘digital technologies’ can be applied in their businesses to differentiate and remain relevant. The ultimate goal or master plan of any strategy being, clearly, to unlock future growth, and/or drive out cost, and/or improve customer, staff and/or supplier satisfaction.Does the above resonate to you? Agree? Disagree?