I God created the earth in seven


I chose the reading of Genesis. I chose this reading because
growing I learned about the story of how God created the earth in seven days
and how Adam and Eve were made and ate the fruit off of the forbidden tree. As
well as the story of Abraham and Isaac. These were by far my favorite stories I
learned in vacation bible school. This time I decided to look at from a
different point of view that I would normally look at it. Christianity is a monotheistic
religion (i.e believe in only one God) Although Christianity is seen a
monotheism, the divine divided into 3 parts, the father, the son, and the holy
spirit. This is why many people believe that is not a monotheism. Another thing
that does not add up in Christianity is that God is 100% man and 100% God. the
math does not add up so how is this possible. The religion of Christianity is
that of a complex one.

Genesis is the first book of the Bible The book of Genesis gives
an overview of what God has created.  I
decided to look at this section of God creating earth in a scientific point of
view because I am taking an earth science class and thought it would be
interesting to connect the two.

It starts off with the seven days of creation.On day one God
created light and separated the light from the darkness, calling light
“day” and darkness “night. This could be related to the Big bang
theory.There was absolutely nothing but
emptiness, when suddenly hot and dense spot called the singularity appeared.
From that spot there was an substantial gigantic explosion, called the Big
Bang, and within less than a second, the entire universe was formed.  On
Day two God created an expanse to separate the waters and called it
“sky.” On Day three God created the land and sea, calling the dry
ground “land,” and the gathered waters “seas.” On day
three, God also created vegetation (plants and trees) on Day four God created
the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the earth and to separate the day
and the night. What does not make sense to me is that on day one is when light
was created. What I think is meant by this is that at this point, us from and
earth standpoint would be visable to us, although it had already existed.These
would also be signs of seasons, days, and years. On Day five God created every
living creature of the seas and every winged bird, blessing them to multiply
and fill the waters and the sky with life. On Day six God created the animals
to fill the earth. On day six, God also created man and woman (Adam and Eve) If
it is true that God created Adam and Eve, how does that support the theory of
evolution that we evolved from ape-like ancestors?It wasn’t until after I
finished reading this story that I though if god created earth and man, who or
what created God?

            Growing up Christian I realized how much the number seven
playes a role in the bible, for example the 7 sacrements;  Baptism, Confirmation or Chrismation,
Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. The
number seven is also significant to me because it is my lucky number.

In the literal story of how God created man, God placed Adam
in the Garden. In the beginning, Adam was alone; Eve had not been separated
from him. Adam was considered whole.This 
could be symbolic  of the
conscious and subconscious working together as one, which is also reflected by
the paradise or what is called the Garden of Eden in which Adam dwelled in. In
this state of  consciousness Adam could
be considered with God. As the story continues, God placed Adam in a deep sleep,
he took one of Adams ribs and use that to create Eve.  Adam and Eve were
both named, which could represent their purity before they sinned. In this new
state of being, with Eve having been created, Adam could be seen as representing
 the waking conscious of mankind and Eve
represents the subconscious. When the conscious and subconscious are no longer
working together ad so, they can no longer be controlled because the ego can take
control. Thus the reason they took the fruit from the forbidden tree.. As the
story goes, Eve is tempted by the serpent or Satan which can be seen as the
ego. Because the ego took over Eves soul or mind, Paradise lost becomes man’s
reality. This is alsobe seen as  spiritual death, or separation from God.
Adam and Eve’s actions can be read as the beginning of the advance of
civilization, Here, Eve is a hero who wins culture for humanity. Her act of
reaching for the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil  is a paradigm 
not of humanity’s failure, but of humanity’s relentless striving for
knowledge, morality, culture, and civilization. Going back to using Adam to
create Eve, it could be assumed that Adam was neither male nor female, but
possibly both. When God said he created man, it could be mean as just human
like the saying “man kind” and not man as in male. Although God took one of
Adams ribs to create Eve, it could be assumed that woman would have one more
rib than man, and that man has one less than woman.

The first interpretation that came to my mind after reading
the story of Abraham is that sometimes fidelity to God and the things of God
requires everything of us.  The story starts with God awakening Abraham in
the middle of the night, commanding Abraham to leave his family, his home, and
his land in order to satisfy God’s purpose for the world.  Back in that
time there were no highways, airlines, or high speed trains so that one could easily
return home if one needed to. There was no social media or even mail
service so that he would be able to keep in touch with his family. For the sake
of God’s purpose, God asked Abraham to give up his own faith, and Abraham acquiescently obeyed.with the command
to sacrifice Isaac God is asking Abraham to give up, in faith, as well as his
future. Abraham was to trust God, even when Abraham
can’t fathom God’s reasons for this odd request to sacrifice his son or the way
God might eventually make it right again. God does not carry through with the
command.  He stops Adam at last moment before he sacrifices his son. I
believe the story is constructed to teach us that there is something necessary
to faith about Abraham’s compliance give up his own son and future for the sake
of God.  There could be something necessary seen in Abraham’s commitment
to God before his commitment to all other things, even those dearest to
him.  It is, after all, a commitment God extends to us, by giving up his
son Jesus himself on the cross for love and forgiveness of our sins. So does
this mean that our faith and trust in God should always come first in our
lives? This story in a way teaches Christians that we need to have faith in
resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is evidence to support this theory
as that God says “Take your son, your favored one, issac, whom you love”. In
this book it is said a little differently. In the bible God actually reminds
him that it his only son. This could be reminding him that God himself
sacrificed is one and only son. It could also teach us that we need to follow
Gods commands in order to be good and religious. This is significant to me
because I have always questioned how far my faith in God would go as well as
what I actually believe. Gods test for Abraham could also be seen as not
whether or not Abraham would willingly slaughter his son, but to open Abraham’s
thinking to new questions, new possibilities, a re-examination of his purpose
to God, and a better understanding of his and our God. I believe that God did
not want Abraham to be that amendable to sacrifice his son Isaac. I believe
that God wanted to hear an quarrel put forth from Abraham’s ethical nature, the
side of him that had many problems with having to sacrifice his own son. Or it
could also be seen at Abraham testing Gods morals to preserve life. My
reasoning for this is because Abraham had no hesitation on complying with Gods
request, as if he already knew he would not be sacrificing his son.