I felt my identity as an American was not present.

As a child, I have been discriminated by being called a chain, a fat panda, and other racist slurs upon the color of my skin. I had so much resentment within me, but knew that violent was not the key to this racial injustice. However, letting these people have the power to inject hurtful demeanor is not something to let go. I want respect, not just for me, but for all people having to deal with the pain that am going through and I want power, to facilitate change in the roams of call injustices.In order to get respect and power, must have a dream. A dream to become a lava,n. Year. Why a lancer? A law.

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Year is a well-respected person who can authoritatively defend those who do not have the power to speak against perceived injustices. I know how it feels to be negativity look down upon for the color of my skin, my language that speak to my parents, my family heritage, and my Korean culture in which was brought upon. The only way to combat these things are to work hard at obtain ins my dreams.