– anything they need and also help with

– IGN: aHaq- Age: I am currently at the age of 14.- Region: I live in United States.- Past names: Venus3d, Lodern, IllegalDabPanda, _Carma, Tyler25153, LForSale- Alt accounts: I have None.- Timezone: My time zone is Eastern.- Do you have teamspeak and discord?: Both, my discord is aHaq#1234- Time usually spent on the server: I usually play the server for an hour to two hours a day.- How did you find out about the server?: I was watching a YouTube video of someone playing on it and decided to try it out. After a little while I told my friends.- Past experience as a staff member?: I have not yet been a staff member on a big minecraft servers. I have however owned 3 servers and have been mod on 2. When I was Owner I would welcome and tell people how to play. I would ban and kick people for breaking the rules. I did not do much since these servers were not popular. When I was a mod there were different commands depending in the server. Most of them were kick, ban, mute, the basics. So I did all of that stuff including welcoming players. So I would like to take this opportunity as being a staff on Valux to enhance my moderator skills. I am also a Developer for DiamondLegends –The ip is mc.diamondlegends.org– I really enjoy playing and helping players on minecraft servers. As I can help increase and make the Minecraft community.- Why did you apply on Valux and not another network?: Valux is a really fine and good looking server, it is easy to use and get used to. The PVP on it is really smooth and I like it a lot. I want to help the players on the Valux network with anything they need and also help with the server, suggesting ideas and reporting bugs. Being accepted as Trainee on Valux will mean a lot to me and I will be a good one!- What puts you above over candidates for the trainee position?:Maturity:I am a somewhat mature person, close to being an young adult, maturity is needed to live a happy life. Having a responsibility of being a staff member on a server does require you to be mature, you have to do your job and help the community out. If someone is to ask for help in the chat because there is a cheater, if I am playing with my friend I will stop fighting and spectate that player to see if they are hacking right away unless if it’s ranked. I am professional when doing my duty as a staff member, and if I am unsure of anything I will certainly ask for help. I am opened minded and am always in a good mood. If I am not currently in a good mood I will not let it interfere with my staff duties.Trustworthy: I can be trusted very well. Having a lot of power being staff requires trust from others, like staff members and the players themselves, they don’t know you at all so you have to prove that you are capable of doing this job. I will not let anyone down. If I get asked to do something, I will complete it to my best abilities. If I am to make a mistake I will not hesitate to admit it and ask how to fix it and properly do it later. That is how you learn to do it right the next time. I will never ever favour my friends or a player I like over a player that I don’t like. I will treat everyone fairly and give everyone the same treatment and make sure that no unfair calls are made, and that the correct and reasonable action is given. Even with hackers and rule breakers, I will be respectful I will respond to them politely as I would to any other player.Work Ethic:I have a very good work ethic, I am not lazy, I enjoy working. I like challenges, they encourage me to keep doing my best until I get the task completed. I will even research and try to get as much information as I can when I am learning something. I also look up screen shares so I can get better at them! I work well with a team as well as working alone. I don’t like to waste people’s time so if something is asked of me, or if I need to screen share someone, I will do it as quickly as I can because other things need to get done or someone else needs help. If I am screen sharing, I will do it as quickly as I can to get it done but I will also take my time to look through everything thoroughly.Responsibility: I know to keep my cool even in tough situations. I won’t let personal things get in the way of doing my job as a staff member. I have good patience, and that is key since some people can be a bit slow. I respect the rules and I want to make sure that everyone in the community know them too! If anyone is to break the rules, I will punish them if what they did was punishable like being rude to a player or spamming heavily. I will then make sure that they understand the rules so they do not break them again in the future. Knowledge:I want to keep the good people on the server and give them an enjoyable experience, and also get the bad ones off the server that are ruining everyone’s fun by cheating, exploiting or being toxic. I am good at PVP, so I know the difference between skill and cheats. Certain people may cheat with blatant hacks and others may closet cheat to avoid getting banned. I would never ban someone without knowing 100% that they are cheating, and if I am not 100% sure, I will then screen share them and try to find proof and evidence that they are cheating. If I am unsure of anything, I would ask another staff member what they think about the situation before doing anything. I have good ping on the server as well, I never lag so I wouldn’t mistaken anyone for cheating. If someone is to look like they are hacking, I would /ping them first to make sure they aren’t lagging as sometimes lag can make you look like your hacking.Personality:I have a good sense of humor, I’m not serious all the time, I can take jokes and laugh a bunch. I do curse, but I wouldn’t around players. I am pretty fair, I won’t just take someone’s word that a player was being rude to another player, I will look at both sides of the argument and then base the punishments, if any are required from there.Community:I want everyone to come onto Valux and have a good time enough to recommend it to their friends, as I was recommended; and I told all my friends about Valux after watching a video –that’s how good I could tell it was– . I want to work with the staff team of Valux and possibly meet some people that I enjoy playing with. Some people may want staff for self gain, to look better; but I wish to be staff to help out the community and help with the server. I look for ways to improve the server to help better benefit the community. I would do my best to attend to every request for help I get, from someone needing some assistance with the link to the website to someone needing someone banned for hacking –I would then check if they are hacking– . If I am requested for help, I will stop what I am doing to help that person with what they need. Anyone can help the community with something. I would like to be there to help people out and make their day better. I wouldn’t just help the members of the server, I will also help any of the staff if they need assistance with anything, I will be more than happy to help them out! Being a player I know how it feels when staff help you out, it feels good, I respect them very much when they help me, and I want to make people feel the same way when I help them. It’s a good feeling to help people, you feel accomplished and ready to do more and continue helping.- Screen-sharing experience: I have some past screen-sharing experience, but I would like to learn more on screen-sharing and get experienced in doing that.- Any past punishments?: (Don’t lie, we check) Yes, but most of them are false. The first was for Anti-Knockback, but I was glitched in a block in the wall. Then the second one was I got put in a cobweb and got banned from the Anti-Cheat, later on it was found to be a bug and was fixed. The third time, I was fighting my friend and he got me stuck in a cobweb and I was banned again, I had video proof that time. I also got muted by Elite_Huntsman. I am not going to lie, it was not false.- Extra information you would like to include: I enjoy coding and moderating servers. I also take martial arts. I do Kickboxing, BJJ, and Wrestling. I love helping others, as I like to make them feel like they are special. As just a simple welcome or hello could make their day.- What languages can you fluently speak?: I only can speak English.