I what kind of books they like

I had people constantly asked me, ” What is so great about fanfiction? Why can you not just read regular books, instead?” It was very annoying but at the same time, I could understand the confusion behind it. And the reason is because there has been a weird stereotype around the concept of fanfiction. Although some might assume that it is an actual fiction about a “fan,” fanfiction is basically fiction written by fans based on popular works like books, movies, etc. If you are a newbie to the fanfiction world, it is very simple get started thanks to technology nowadays. For example, the app, Wattpad, is one of the best places to read fanfictions (published ones), write fanfictions or your own idea which fellow readers can rate and comment on them. Everybody has their own preference including what kind of books they like to read. If you do not have the patience like me to go through pages and pages of endless contents before getting to the meat of the story, then I suggest that you try reading fanfiction, instead. It works on the assumption that you know much of the background of the characters and often the setting before you jump into the piece’s events. Now if I want to get more technical, there is only one word to explain why I tend to be reading more fanfiction than actual novels. And that is neuroscience. Due to neuroplasticity and all that jazz, when you spend more time hopping from short piece to short piece online , the weaker your ‘wiring’ for long-term reading commitments becomes. There’s a well-known essay on this theory by one Nicholas Carr on the topic that I recall reading for English class. When I was twelve years old, I fell in love with fanfiction because I happened to watch the paranormal movie called Twilight. Although the movie was good overall, my satisfaction was not sated, however. That is how I naturally turned to fanfiction in order to make the protagonist, Bella, fall in love with the evil kings no matter how twisted it sounds. And to this day, I still keep it a secret that I read fanfiction but not as hidden as it used to be. Going through high school has really opened my eyes. I realized that everybody is the same. There are people out there who also share the same love for fanfiction like I do. But because I was too observed in hiding the fact that I like to read fanfiction, the truth was blindsided. If that was not enough, the peak of my humiliation came in discovering that my best friend took my phone from me — but here’s the thing: The world didn’t explode. In fact, my friend ended up telling me that she also had a secret knack for writing fanfiction, herself, and she even offered me to read them. Which is why I am annoyed at the fact that people could immediately assume the worse in fanfiction. Yes, it resulted in plenty amount…interesting versions of famous works, including E.L. James’s Twilight-based Fifty Shades Of Grey and animes. It was there that I finally came into my own and stopped making excuses about it whenever someone happened to see there was a notification from “Wattpad” in my phone. Still, every now and then all fanfiction connoisseurs get the reactions that I feared so much in junior high, but only roll my eyes at now.