I claim of divine right to rule.

I Charles II was born on May 29, 1630, in St. James’s Palace, England to Charles I and Henrietta Maria. Two years prior my father agreed to the passage of the petition of right, placing limits on his authority. In 1642, a civil war broke out between parliament and my father over his claim of divine right to rule. Parliament, with the help of ¬†Oliver Cromwell, was victorious. I fled to France while my father was executed in England. In 1649, the same year my father was executed, the Parliament of Scotland declared me to be the king of Great Britain and Ireland. However, the declaration was made unlawful by the Parliament of England. I was not allowed to enter Scotland unless I accepted Presbyterian in the British Isles. On June 23 1650, I landed in Scotland, where I formally accepted Presbyterian Church governance and abandoned the Episcopal governance in Britain. on January 1, 1651, I was crowned as the King of Scotland. ¬†(“Biography.com”, n.d.).David Leslie, the commander of Scotland had a brilliant idea to fight Cromwell and his forces. Insisting that we fought in England I marched the Scots southwards down the western side of the Pennines, skirting the border with Wales, hoping to gain more support. Oliver Cromwell marched south from Scotland, choosing the route on the east side of the Pennines, to monitor the Scots’ progress. The Scottish forces were defeated by Oliver Cromwell. Evading capture, I fled to England. Oliver Cromwell became the Lord Protector of Scotland, England, British Isles and Ireland. This battle occurred on September 3, 1651 and was called the battle of Worcester (“Battlefieldsofbritain.co.uk”,n.d.).In 1658, Oliver Cromwell passed away. The Convention Parliament voted for a resolution and agreed on electing a free parliament. I was invited to May 8, 166o to return to England where I was declared to be king. This resulted in the restoration of the monarchy. In my restoration agreement with Parliament, I was given an army and was allowed to purge officials responsible for my father’s execution. I agreed in exchange to honor the petition of right. (“TheFamousPeople.com”, n.d.).In 1670, I signed the secret Treaty of Dover with. Under its terms England and France allied against the Dutch. Among the most secret clauses in the treaty was an agreement that France would help England. In return I would convert to Catholicism. Trying as much as possible to not let anyone suspect anything about the treaty, when many feared that my Catholic brother James, Duke of would assume the throne I arranged for my niece Mary to wed the Protestant William of Orange. In 1678, the Parliament passed the Habeas corpus act, a court order to a person or agency holding someone in custody, requiring the imprisoned individual to be delivered to court. This was done to show a valid reason for that person’s detention and to issue an order. (“magnacarta800th.com”.n.d.). A few years later Oates, a retired Anglican cleric falsely claimed to have uncovered a French- inspired plot to replace me with my Catholic brother James the English parliament resolved to pursue the execution bill, removing James from the line of succession. I dissolved Parliament in 1681 and ruled as an absolute monarch. After suffering from an apoplectic fit four days earlier, I died in London’s Whitehall Palace at the age of 54 on February 6, 1685. On my deathbed I went through with my promise to convert to Catholicism, angering many of my subjects.