I Laboratory at D.R.D.O., one of the

I strongly believe that while everyone can dream, only those determined to wake up and strive towards these dreams get to live and make them their reality. This motivates me and instills in me the need to take that extra mile towards achieving my goals.I was attracted to the beauty of nature as I had to walk through a park to reach my school. I was fascinated by the colour and fragrance of different plants around me. Watching programmes like Naked Science on National Geographic increased my thirst for knowledge about living organisms and made me wonder about the mystery of life, evolution, and its complexities, which prompted me to pursue my schooling  in this direction.During my undergraduate program, I was introduced to many concepts and courses that constitute biotechnology. Starting from the basics of cell biology to the development of recombinant vaccines, it slowly dawned on me how powerful biotechnology is and how it plays an important role in changing lives.

Topics like molecular biology and genetics evoked my interest. I have always wondered how unique every individual is, and, I felt I can find my answers by studying these topics. I was enticed by the concept of genome and how a microscopic DNA holds the key to the existence of all living organisms. Concepts like gene regulation and expression intrigued and prompted me to attend workshops on advanced molecular instruments and techniques. Soon after my under-graduation, I chose to intern at Defence Bioengineering and Electromedical Laboratory at D.R.

D.O., one of the most prestigious organizations in India. My research aimed at analyzing the adsorption and swelling properties of the biopolymer chitosan by treating it’s films with the protein Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA). Through this internship I gained an opportunity to work with instruments like Scanning Electron Microscope and perform chromatographic techniques (H.P.L.

C), the concepts of which were earlier only theoretically explored. This stint helped me visualize the functionality and technical nuances of a research laboratory as I got to work with amazing researchers and grasped the concept of how a project is planned, designed, implemented and the findings are reported. Apart from academics and projects, I have been an active participant in debates, music and dance competitions held in various colleges. I was a co-founder and the manager of the Genetics Club in college where we organized talks on ongoing researches and publish a newsletter every quarter. These extra-curricular activities have improved my confidence, organizational and leadership skills.In recent times, cancer has become a common reason for deaths globally. It is forlorn to see that a major chunk of the world’s population is suffering from this deadly disease.

However, the general perception towards cancer and its cure has taken a drastic change over the years with the advent of new researches in biotechnology like the role of p21 gene, superoxide dismutase and tumor markers. I believe we need to explore all possible ways to find a cure to cancer. In order to start contributing my bits in this regard, I am currently working at Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (I.B.A.B), Bangalore.

The work involves the identification of cancer causing genes in the human genome through transcriptomics and meta-analysis of the mass data. The information is being processed by the detailed investigation using pathway databases such as Reactome, Kegg etc. My interest in this field draws me to pursue my formal education in this direction and it would add to my list accomplishments so far. I envision your university as the right choice, to realize my dreams and achieve my career goals.

Germany is a preferred destination for aspiring students to obtain professional competency in life sciences. The existence of best research facilities, highly qualified faculty and an industrially relevant syllabus focused at bringing out the latent potential of the students are some of the reasons which made me choose Germany for pursuing my higher studies. I am sure the emphasis on research given in a Fachhochschule will enhance my desire to excel in biotechnology.The most important reason for choosing the Department of ________ at ________University is the structure and curriculum of the course and the research which matches well with my interests. A Masters program at your esteemed university will provide me the appropriate platform to hone my skills, to contribute successfully through my research and work in the field of ____________.  In the long run I would like to see myself as an educator and a researcher, as I have always believed in giving back to the society.

I have complete faith that the academic stint at your university will be an enriching and comprehensive experience for me.