I module and especially in this particular lectorial-

I have chosen critical writing as my first reflective piece of writing. I will be discussing what the lectorial was based on following what i learned from it, my strengths and weaknesses and  how i could apply the relevant skills going forward in my life. When it comes to writing any style of essay it would always become quite challenging for me because i had to understand For me this lectorial was the most interesting and informative as I have learnt several skills throughout this module and especially in this particular  lectorial-  writing skills that will help me in the future  as i make my way through university. Courtney (2017) talked us through the three ways to critically evaluate academically with given examples which i found significantly helpful as the particular examples demonstrated key features of a critical discussion.from this i got to see the structure of critical writing by step by step and also the good and bad points which helps in avoiding being descriptive but more critical. This was incredibly useful  in our group work task which was to write a critical review of a book. Having learned how to write critically  i now feel more confident in  how to write critical style essays. Additionally i have learned how to correctly use  citations and create a references list.  this has assisted me learn how to cite quotations properly or reference to a book, paper, or author. and how to use it in the text of my writing.  Generally the feedback i receive from lectures on referencing  is always to improve on it .  however now , I feel more self-confident in referencing and citations. This will not just help me in this particular module but just about every module  I have in university, as  several classes use this common form of reference , thus  I have learned a skill that will be beneficial for many years.This knowledge will be essential to me as learner in my further studies as being critical and analytical is extremely important to write better essays. I feel it helps massively in being able to think independently while being logical at the same time.  For me gaining knowledge on critical writing skills allows me to not only layout the essay coherently with a clear structure , but also help and present my thoughts in an organised and compelling manner. Furthermore Research demonstrates  increasingly more and more employers are not searching for employees with he highly specialised academic skills but those who learn quickly and have the ability to solve problems, gather and analyse information meaningfully. employers value this skill very high and their interviews are designed to test students on this skill. Only 28% of employers rated 4-year graduates as having ‘excellent’ critical skills (Breanne Harris, 2017). This therefore suggests that too few employees possess the required essential skills which employees look for which puts pressure on myself to master this skill as it is  important to think and write critically not only in studies but also in the real work place. As a next step i will attend some case sessions on not just critical writing but any style of writing to improve my academic writing skills as some of my modules are essay based and i believe CASE can help me in difficulty i have. I could also apply these skills in my essay examined based questions which i seem to lose out quite a few marks on. Strengths , one my greatest strength is That being said, I would also say that my greatest weaknesses when it comes to writing is my lack of good proofreading. I normally find it quite difficult to constantly proof read and re-edit the same essay numerous times. I mistakenly assume that the reader will understand my thoughts and what i am trying to portray but this causes me to miss important grammatical mistakes, structural problems and misspellings that i should have caught. But i know lack of proofreading decreases the quality of written work and therefore i am working hard towards becoming more habitual to conducting multiple of editing. This weakness is extremely essential for me to overcome as it will help me avoid making these minor mistakes in my written work. Ultimately There are various things i have gotten the opportunity to learn in this module. I believe that overall, this was a very productive university module and a great learning experience.  I hope to continue to improve my writing, and continue to work toward correcting bad habits and reinforcing good ones.