I be more like the press in North

I try to follow politics, and to be completely honest, I am preparing myself for four years (maybe eight) of the Trump administration.  I have heard intelligent students from our school say that President Donald Trump is not presidential, or that they’re worried that Trump will start a nuclear war with North Korea. However, Trump won the election in November of 2017, and democracies are ruled by the people who win elections. Still, there is a growing number of Americans and politicians who believe that Trump could be removed from office. Of course, the fact that he is still in the White House doesn’t mean that he’s correct. Lately, it seems that the president would rather have journalists in our country be more like the press in North Korea, who have an excessive desire to please their government and are unfairly prejudiced. That would probably never happen in the United States. The First Amendment provides journalists freedom of speech, so even if Trump wanted to, he cannot make them stop writing about him. Instead, he has Twitter tantrums and attacks them in public.Look at his August 2017 speech at his campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the cruelest attacks on the press ever made by a U.S. president. He claimed that journalists were creating “fake news” and then proceed to label them as the enemies of our country. Clearly, the president was infuriated about that topic. But why was he so mad? Trump was angry that journalists had correctly reported that he accused racists and their opponents for violence at the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last year. This was because they accurately reported that Trump had said that there were some “fine people” among white supremacist protesters. Another example was because he described monuments of Confederate leaders who were pro-slavery as “beautiful statues.”Trump is also angry that the press keeps track of his lies. The Washington Post has been organizing a list keeping track of the president’s claims that were either misleading or complete lies since his inauguration last year. As of January 10th, that number had passed 2,000. Journalists have to report the facts when the president of the United States is not telling the truth.They have also reported that Trump has made several racist remarks in the past, some examples were unfairly describing Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, and saying that a judge could not do his job correctly because his parents are Mexican.Trump does not like when journalists tell the truth about his lying, or when the press corrects the facts that he is saying, or when we remind him about what he said about people from other ethnic groups. And the horrible thing is that these remarks would lead to the suspension of a kid saying the same thing in a school, but we cannot remove the president from power. Journalists can only report the news, point out his mistakes, and challenge the president and other people in power.And this is an important role. Journalists are critical of Trump not because they are biased or hate the United States (as he wants people to believe). Their job is to accurately report on his failures and mistakes.My prediction is that Trump will continue being president, and journalists will continue reporting whenever he lies or makes racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, or transphobic remarks. Trump will continue attacking journalists, no doubt about it. But the press knows what to do — the more attacks, the more journalism.