I in Germany during the time of Nazis.

I have
always been interested in the Holocaust. When I read this book, I had a clearer
understanding of how it was. Eli does an amazing job on making his story come
to life.

A 12 year
old boy, named Eliezer, represents Elie Wiesel in the book Night. This book takes place in Germany during the time of Nazis.
Eliezer’s instructor, Moshe, returns warning that Nazis will soon cause trouble
to their village. When they arrive the Jews are forced into supervised ghettos.
Come spring, trainloads of Jews are sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Elie’s family
is last to be picked. They are forced into a cattle car with eighty villagers
where they are forced to survive with very little food and water. A woman named
Madame Sch├Ąchter starts
having visions of flames and furnaces.

there, the crowd of Jews see flames rising in the sky out in the distance. They
also smell what might be human flesh and gag. Guards using clubs force person
after person through a selection of those fit to work and those who would have
a horrible ending, very soon. Selected for the first group, Elie and his father,
Chlomo, lie about their ages and get sent to a concentration camp named
Auschwitz. The rest of his family are sent to the death camp called Birkenau.
Elie starts to lose his faith day after day of seeing what his people are going

and his father struggle daily so they don’t get sent to the death camp. Guards
didn’t make it easy as was. After a couple of weeks have passed, Jews are
forced to march to a factory. The violence gets worse, especially after the
hinging of a thirteen year old.

foot begins to swell after being in the cold for so long. A Jewish doctor, a
prisoner himself, declares he needs an operation. Another selection declared
his father another chance to live after he passed.

soldiers moved closer, and Nazis evacuated the camp. The last of Elie’s family
and the rest of the prisoners were forced to run through the snow. Elie almost
fell behind with his foot. He prayed for his father to have strength. Anyone
who fell behind was shot on the spot. In the end only ten people made it.

they arrived Elie tried to help his father get his strength back. Chlomo is
beaten and Elie slips into unconsciousness. When he wakes up his father is not
there. Elie fears the most. Soon American soldiers enter the camp and release
the prisoners. Elie was never the same afterwards though. He lost his family
and was beat and starved while watching people die every day.