I main character is Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. The

I was asked to write about my favorite book and after a short thinking i decided to write about the book “Perfume. The story of amurderer”. The book was written by Patrick Suskind, the german writer and scriptwriter. It tells a story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille,born with perfect sence of smell, in 18 century in Paris. He uses his perfect sence of smell to create the world s finest perfumes.Despite he is genious of perfume buisness, his work takes a dark turn and he starts to kill the most beautiful women. The story ofhis life is told in flashback, begging with his birth in a fish market, in the center of Paris. He has no family, no money and he growsin monastery uo to eight years. He is regarded as an imbecile, he is ugly and has a lot of scars.But one day when Jean-Baptiste due to sense of smell he finds hidden money, the hostes of the monestery decides to get rid of him and Jean-Baptiste starts to work as anassistent of skinner. He works in hard conditions however he still studies the new smells.One upon a time he feels wonderful smell, itssource – young lady, wich smells like pure beauty. After that wants to own it and he smothers her. he becomes very satisfied with owningthis smell and he understood, that his calling – to be a great perfumer. After that he starts to study on perfumer and also he killsabout 30 the most beautiful young ladies to create perfume to rule the world. So, as we can see the main character is Jean-Baptiste Grenouille.  The book contains a lot of beautfil descriptions, lots os metaphors,thought-provoking themes, which make book even more interesting. There are no illustrations, except on the cover. In my opinion this book definitely worth reading. I liked this book despite all the cruelty exposed in it. I should strongly reccomend  this book to young people, aged from 15 to 18, because there are a lot of things to think about, to discuss.