I about them. With that underlying passion

I first became aware of capability and the magic that computers can do at a very young age. When I was in primary school and our teacher asked us to sketch out a model town, where sketches of buildings roads etc. had to be drawn, I initially took a sheet of a paper and started my work, but things did not work as I expected. As they were not straight and proportional. Then I turned to my computer and the result was surprising. In fact using computers in my work made me win that competition, that’s when I decided that these machines works in wonders and at that moment I was keen to learn more about them. With that underlying passion in me towards them, I finished my school and I was among the top 10 of the class. To pursue a successful career in computers I realized that I had to be in mathematics stream and went on to graduating in mathematics in my intermediate school which is equivalent of high school in US.                      Besides mathematics my intermediate school taught me a lot, that is when I had to be away from home and it introduced me to a world called reality. I made friends over there who never had their hands on a computer, like never ever and this was in the year 2010.I was shocked by their digital illiteracy, whatever the reason maybe ,at that moment I realized that I had an undue advantage by using a computer in my competition and made me regret accepting the prize. Then I decided that I will do the best I can, to impart digital literacy in others and started taking part in various NGO events where we would go urge people to use computers to increase their productivity and with several of those initiatives by me I came out of my pre university   with aggregate 87% .Capacity for diligent work and high academic credentials secured me a place in SRM university. This was where my academic and managerial capabilities in me were induced.                      Although I have tried my hand at several areas in electronics and communication in the past few years, I have been intrigued the most by computer science and image processing based on it. Since they were not part of my curriculum, I had to resort to online resources and internships to upgrade my knowledge. My first internship was at Inlogic Technologies where I worked with the team that handled medical databases outsourced to them from New Zealand and Australia. Impressed with my work at the internship and my academic performance in college, I was soon offered to work on a project with the Computer Sciences Corporation in India as part of their Collaborative Open Innovation Network (COIN) program. The project involved the development of an integrated Doctor-Patient interaction system.