I teach them money management techniques for

I would like to undertake a master’sdegree at UNT Dallas because I am very dedicated to pursue a career in public leadership.I have chosen to study at UNT Dallas because it is an institution that is committedto empower students through experiential learning.

UNT Dallas offers studentsthe opportunity to become leaders in the community across a variety of fields.  I’m ready to acquire the skills necessary to successfullyimplement projects within Dallas County and to develop my leadership qualities.I gained an Interest in publicleadership while pursuing my bachelor’s degree. My senior year of undergrad Itook upon two positions within my sorority and we held symposiums for the youthto teach them money management techniques for the future, hosted events that broughtawareness to aids, and volunteered countless hours helping the neighborhood.  I felt torn because leading up to my senioryear I thought that I wanted to become a marketing research analyst.  Even though I had a secured job in the field thatI was studying, I decided to accept a non-paid internship offer at the LegacyCounseling Center which is an organization dedicated to providing specialservices to individuals challenged with HIV and Aids. There I learned how tobuild relationships with other non-profits and how to budget and planresources. I enjoyed my time there because I was able to see a change in the people’slives that I served.

I am currently a clerk for theDallas County District Clerk’s office at the Henry Wade Justice Center.  Every day I interact with the public in orderto provide them information by using the most technologically advanced methodthat is possible. Every day we are encouraged to develop new ideas in order toimprove productivity. One day my supervisor expressed to me how there are manyworkers within the county but not enough leaders.

I believe that studying atUNT Dallas will help me become the leader that I always wanted to see in mycounty. I want to help others and plan strategies that will impact as manypeople as possible. Public Leadership involves managingpeople and resources, analyzing data, applying public and governmental policy,and always acting in the public’s best interest. A public leader is also expectedto act in the most ethically responsible way. I have noticed that this hasbecome a problem in our society.

Recently, many leaders have been exposed fortheir lack of ethical judgment. These individuals have been exposed forallocating public funds for personal use, harassing employees, and failingcitizens in need during natural disasters. I know that public leadership willrequire me to create and adhere to higher ethical standards even though attimes, it may be greater than my individual level of morals.                 I am drawn towards UNT Dallas because your programis devoted to helping people who may already be working in the public sector.

Ihave matured within the last 3 years and I am confident that I have finally foundthe path that I want to pursue. I am ready to challenge myself to become a servantleader and create a meaningful change within Dallas County.