I technologies that affect/effect the field of

I have been around technology ever since I can remember. My interest in technology didn’t start to manifest itself until about seventh grade. After doing research on the different technology and how aids and interacts with humans, I discovered that there are so much more to technology then just tech. toys etc. In the 9th grade, I thought I had found the area of technology I wanted to study; big data. I was of course very wrong I hated compiling and computing big data. It wasn’t until senior year when a government agency came to talk to me, that I discovered my true passion was for Cybersecurity and building systems to protect companies and other essential systems. I had previously devilled in making ethical hacks and program that would add to the integrity of a computer or software. In all, I took it upon myself to learn code language through codecademy and other online code help forums. I loved this area of technology simply because it was easy for me to understand. One thing about this area of study I thought I wouldn’t like was sitting down at a computer for extended periods of time. But after weeks of working on programs and system, I discovered that it wasn’t all that bad, because as they say time goes by fast when you’re having fun. The most interesting thing about this field of study is that you can never get bored if you truly love what you’re doing because even after you build a system whether it be simple/complex there is always room for you to improve it and make it better. In my case, after building a system I would have to do research in order to figure out how I could improve the system. There are a lot of different technologies that affect/effect the field of Cybersecurity.

    One of the most impactful things has been the creation of cell phones and along with that came social media. Cell phones give unethical hackers a way to hack on the go. Also, social media has made it even easier for them because it “gives out a lot of peoples’ personal information like their whereabouts” (Utica College) etc. Intern it has made cybersecurity very important for government agencies, private companies, and private households. For instance, someone who works in a secure government facility (CIA, NSA, DOA,) puts that facility at risk, because those phones can be hacked and used to mine data from a nearby target. But the rising number of threats has caused an increase in the need for IT Cybersecurity Technicians. An article titled “Cybersecurity in the Federal Government,’ the report commissioned by management software company, SolarWinds tackles the many challenges IT professionals currently face trying to prevent both external and internal IT security threats and attacks” (Swift). This article helps to solidify that the world not only needs Cybersecurity experts in government facilities but also in the private sector. In the article titled “Mobile phone usage is increasing cybersecurity threat within US government” by Penny Swift, states that “that mobile technology was the top obstacle for preventing insider threats within federal agencies” (Swift). The common use of cell phones in the workplace and just day to day life has impacted my field tremendously. It has given rise to more job openings in government agencies and the private sector, forced the US government to build more complex firewalls, and has made the demand for Cybersecurity experts increase which gave rise to a higher salary. As seen in recent years mobile phones are steadily getting smaller, faster, more powerful, and undetectable as the years move on. Based on the progression of the technology in phones today, I suspect that in the next ten years that you will be able to totally operate everything in your home, car, job, stores from your mobile device. This will most likely make the need for Cybersecurity experts skyrocket. I also think that it will require a higher level of education since the technology we have now will be nothing compared to what we will have within the next ten years. This change will make people like me and other of my time have to either go back to school, choose a different occupation or self-teach.

    In all, I feel like that the field of Cybersecurity had a long way to go. The field will forever be changing and growing as long as technology gets more powerful. Even though cell phones have become a threat to government agencies and those in the private sector cell phones will always be around, so the world and its security must evolve with it. This will have a negative effect on Government agencies etc. but will have a lasting and positive effect on those pursuing a career in Cybersecurity. 

In the Media

    The show that comes to mind when I think of Technology and cybersecurity is “Blind Spot”. “Blind Spot” season 1 episode 2 is a TV show that takes place in the busy street of New York City at an FBI building. One day the FBI gets a call about a bag left on the sidewalk. The FBI is called out to investigate it as a possible bomb threat but when they open the duffle bag they are shocked when they see a naked woman covered with tattoos. They use a photo scanner that scans her whole body in FBI computer system, after a while they recognize that the tattoos Jane has on her body and has no idea where they came from or how she got on the sidewalk, leading to crimes that are about to take place. Patterson who is a computer scientist for the FBI creates an algorithm that will run none stop to decode Janes tattoos. Weller is an FBI Special Agent/ Team Lead who directs the team on what they should do and how it should be done. Special Agent Zapata and Read are partners that are key to finding the criminals once the crimes are uncovered by Patterson algorithm. The first episode is built around the fact that Jane doesn’t have any memory of where she came from, in fact she can’t even remember her name that’s why they named her Jane Dough. One thing that sets her apart from others that work for the FBI is that she is able to fight and handle guns with near perfection, which suggests that she’s had some kind of advanced military training. In the TV show the most widely used technology is the use of cell phones with every character in the show. A cell phone is a technology that you can get just about anywhere and use for practically anything. I would say in today’s world pretty much anyone can get their hands on one, but not every cellphone has the same technology therefore they have different capabilities. So, if you’re super poor you may have to buy a basic cellphone, whereas if you’re an average person you may be able to afford a more expensive and advanced phone. In the show, “Blind Spot” their cellphones have improved their abilities to communicate and provide assistance, but they have also hindered their efforts in solving cases etc. In later episodes, their cell phones have been hacked by criminals which enabled them to be able to listen in on the progress of their investigation and who the Agents would be coming after next. In fact, later in season 2 the hacks on their cellphones, computers and other technologies almost cost one of them their life. Perhaps one of the most impactful things that happened in the show was the torture of Patterson. Her earpiece was hacked by the person who tattooed Jane Doe, the earpiece she was using was military grade and was said to be un-hackable. With this earpiece, you are able to track the movement of every agent that is on the same frequency, which was the whole team. The earpiece is also connected to an FBI issued cellphone which the hacker used to send a text message to Patterson that looked as if it has orientated from Agent Weller, when in fact it hadn’t. Once she was lured to the warehouse she was tied up tortured. As much as Patterson’s earpiece and cellphone had a negative effect on her, it also ended up helping her fellow Agents find her. They remotely powered on her phone so they would be able to track it. According to an article by Bob Sullivan titled “Smartphone hacking comes of age, hitting US victims” says that “Devastating cellphone hacks that hijack your most personal gadget and rob you of privacy and money have long been forecast”. This article explains how many hackers are able to create hacks that are totally silent and are undetectable by an untrained eye. It also states that people I foreign countries are at a greater risk of being hacked through the downloading of apps, because in many foreign countries their app stores are generally unregulated and thus allowing hackers to upload their infested apps to the store for consumers to download. Based on my experience with cellphones I feel like it’s not a question of if it is ethical or not, rather it’s a question how you are going to be using the technology and if your use is ethical or not. If you were to use a cellphone in order to gain private information this would be considered unethical, whereas if you use the phone for its intended purposes I would consider that an ethical use. In the future, I feel that this technology with further evolve, as mentioned in the above section cellphones are only going to get more high tech and thus making them more practical for use both ethically and unethically. In ten years, I can see a cell phone having the same power as a high-end computer.

    In conclusion, the TV show “Blind Spot” not only is a great show to watch, but it gives the viewers insight into how a cellphone when put into the wrong hands can be dangerous. With the growing complicity of cellphones and securing hackable tech, the world will need more Cybersecurity experts to protect its technology. The cellphones these days have many ethical uses such as paying a bill, communication, and internet surfing. They also have many unethical ways they can be used in, like hacking in order to still to gain private intelligence on someone. In all cell phones can be a dangerous technology if you let it.