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I would preferThe society I would prefer to live in would be post-industrial society. It is the society that we are taking baby steps to. I personally love the balance between life and technology. Industrial society does not take up as much time as for an example, agricultural society, and people do not have to worry about things such as weather making it hard for crops to succeed. Another thing is that we would be able to spend more time with our families and friends. I like the idea of separation between workers and technology. People won’t have to rely on schools to be smart because we will have more access to the information than we ever did. If we invent AI, we can have it figure out problems such as curing diseases, fixing the economy, creating an even better technology. The software will take over the most things around us and although there will be fewer jobs because technology is making more money at a cheaper cost, we won’t need to do as much work as we used to. We can get to the point where people have computers doing all the work, which means we would have to shift to a new economic system that isn’t based on money. Also, I believe the transportation will be much easier than it is now, as well as environmental protection. Post-industrial society is and will keep helping us better ourselves, follow intellectual paths and encourage us to follow our dreams. I wouldn’t preferAlthough there are many advantages of living in hunting and gathering society, I think it is the one society I would not like to live in and there are quite a few reasons for that matter. One of the reasons is that people from hunting and gathering societies have been exposed to a lot of risks and one of the biggest ones were non-domesticated animals, which occupied most of the territories and I believe I would always live in fear of being killed. Another reason is food. I think it is hard to depend on the immediate environment because you never know what can happen to the surroundings around me. People in such societies did not have many ways to gather food, which means the way(s) were limited. Any meat can be “bad” or rather diseased, I would not be able to have various choices to pick whenever/whatever I want to eat something, and it is possible to stay hungry for days due to the probable lack of finding animals or vegetation. Although it is amazing to travel, I believe it would be hard to be a nomad and constantly move from one place to another, especially because the reasons are not to learn and see other places.