I have always had an imaginative ability and

I have always had an imaginative ability and a captivation
with how things work. The encounter of solving practical problems inherent in
the field of engineering charms directly to these traits. I am particularly
interested in electrical and electronic engineering (EEE) because it is such a swiftly
evolving discipline. The potential to integrate new technologies into real life
applications and the opportunity to develop practical skills in this sphere is
exciting for me.

My dad is a science/engineering professional and he taught
me some of the qualities needed for a degree course in the field of electric
and electronic engineering. This has encouraged me to find out the
opportunities available. Problem solving is one thing I will be facing during
my studying years, and it is the thing I am willing to encounter in order to
both; help society, as well as myself. In addition to that, a very important
group of those who change the world are engineers. They get to procure for ways
to control and prevent the pollution. They also create new medicines, explore
and develop new technologies. They can try out all the amazing things we
thought would only exist in dreams, from flying vehicles to undersea buildings.
They are able to get a hold of these wonders and make them the future’s
reality, and I would be very glad to join them in doing so.

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In our time, though, I believe that an engineer is not going
to prosper if he depends only on the knowledge he graduates with. Every
engineer needs to build certain skills including leadership, business adroitness,
organization of things, and ease of communication. And all of these skills I hope
to hone at WashU. I believe that Washington University will be the best place
to hone my abilities lurking under the surface. Not just because it is a highly
ranked university is it my first preference, but because I think there’s just
so much that I’ll gain from it, and so much more that the university will gain
from me.  WashU provides an
interdisciplinary curriculum with an exclusive combination of logical,
computational and experimental activities. With its separate department of Electrical
Engineering and Systems Science & Engineering, a variety of courses that it
offers, and its proficient faculty, including Martin Arthur__ I hope to help
people, with the outstanding opportunity I’ll get at WashU.

At WashU my ambitions will be realized in this stimulating,
research-integrated environment. The arduous coursework and the generous research
opportunities at WashU will provide the challenge I need to attain my goal of
becoming a computer scientist. In return, I believe the combination of my
academic forte and creative personal characteristics will for sure contribute
to WashU and help to add to the interdisciplinary atmosphere of the college.