I they are sick or not. This

 Ido believe that pharmaceutical companies, the food and diary, and thegovernment are responsible to protect citizens by disclosing health risksassociated with cancer cell formation and food because it will be helpful forthe public to know what they are associating themselves with.

They public needsto know that by them eating these food they are daggering their health. But thepharmaceutical companies, food and dairy industry will not let the public knowabout these risks because they wants to make more money. I’m willing to easeinto a healthier lifestyle because I want to live a long and healthy lifestyle.I want to die of nature causes and not of something that could have been stop.I will definitely share this with my colleagues, friends and family because I alsowant them to life a healthy lifestyle.  Ido agree with the content of the film because it makes much sense as to whypeople in my family who have diabetes and stop eating things that have sugar init but the illness will continue to get worst. I will definitely change my dietbased on this film because I do not want to end up like my relatives withdiabetes or high cholesterol problem.

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One part of the film that was reallyintriguing to me was, when the express state that eating one bacon is likesmoking five sticks of cigarettes. Another part of the film that was capturingwas the fact that all the animals we eat are place in the same room whetherthey are sick or not. This prove that most of the meat we eat are highlyinfected. Whatthe Health states that meat and dairy items are the essential driver of tumor,diabetes, heftiness, and coronary illness. They had doctors who testifies andaffirms that devouring sugar assumes no part in the improvement of diabetes. Accordingto the film a lot of people in the US are dying from heart disease and diabetesbecause they were being taught from an early age on how to eat foods that arenot healthy for them. These foods are also recommended by doctors and theAmerican food Association.

The problem here is that they are not telling thepublic that these food are the cause for the very diseases they are dying from.The American food Association are not informing the public about theendangering of these food before they are excepting funds from the companiesthat make them.                                                             What the health?December 05, 2017Biology Thursday labProfessor James Nancy Garbla