I if she would come back and leave

I used to peer out the window and I’d see
the house. I knew we were there every time I saw it. When I would walk through
the front door, I could immediately smell the apple pie in the oven. My Grandma
would almost always be outside in the yard, or she was baking a desert.


The first place I would go was out to the yard
to see my Grandma. She was usually working on piece of cloth or she was sewing
clothes which I’m going to admit she was really good at. She was the one who
made my first skirt for me when I was 4 years old which I still have it to this

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My grandma moving didn’t seem to be that
bad after a while though. We were able to spend the holidays together, and it
was so much better to see my grandma after a while. Speaking of holidays and
new year, my Grandma was always the one that had the biggest heap of presents
out of everyone in our whole family. She was the slowest at opening them too.
Either way, her moving didn’t seem to be a tremendous thing after all.


Once my Grandma got older, she was unable
to see due to some problems that came out of nowhere so we decided that it
would be better if she would come back and leave with us because she couldn’t
live alone anymore. When she moved back to live with us was around the time
that we were moving out of our old house so it was sad that she couldn’t see
our new house. She couldn’t even see me and my brothers grow up anymore and
that was a really sad moment for a 4 year old kid, I remember telling her all
the time about how the house looks and walking her around so she could become
familiar with the house.


Everything about my Grandma seemed merry
other than the fact that she couldn’t see, until one sad day, when things got
even worse. She fell down and dislocated her hip at the age of 75 which makes
it so hard for the bones to engage back together and recover and be as good as
new. When we asked her what happened she said that she wanted to go to the
bathroom late at night and she didn’t want to wake anyone up to help her get there.
We were all hoping and praying for her to get better but that accident didn’t
end up how we wanted it to.

Six months passed but she didn’t get any
better, she actually got worse and she couldn’t walk anymore. She wasn’t happy
about it of course but she was trying so hard to make us think she was okay
with all of it. I remember sitting beside her and listening to her stories all
day. Years passed and I was almost 7 years old when my life turned upside down.

I remember that day like it was yesterday,
me, my mom and my grandma were in my room watching TV when my mom noticed that
my grandma wasn’t breathing normally, she called for a doctor and ambulance to
take her to the hospital but she did not make it.


childhood friend, the best grandma ever closed her eyes forever and that day
was the last time I saw her knowing that she couldn’t see me and in that moment
I realized how hard it is to lose the people you love and care for and I
learned my lesson the hard way at such a young age.