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I still remember the day when I was very nervous to click the ‘facebook live’ icon. I was not sure and did not know how I could do a live broadcast that could be engage the viewers.After trying many live broadcasts, today, I am not just confident but excited to click the magical ‘go live’ button. Are you in the same place where I was before? Would you like to know all about facebook live?At the end of the article you would confidently pick up your smart phone and ready to hit ‘go live’!If You Didn’t Know What Is Facebook LiveFacebook live is a feature in facebook that offers ability to live broadcast video with audio using a smart phone. The video can be broadcasted on your profile page or business page to a select group of friends, customers, fans and followers.The Birth of Facebook liveFor the first time in August 2015, Facebook live was launched in mentions app and was made available for only celebrities. Six months later, in January 2016, it was made available to U.S. Profile pages and soon after in March 2016, rolled out to business pages.Finally in April 2016, it was made available to facebook groups.If You Are Wondering Why Should You Use Facebook LiveHave a look at the statistics and you will definitely figure out why facebook livestream is the happening thing.Facebook has 2 billion users and is bigger than any other social network.Research shows using videos for marketing increases revenues by 49% !When you have an option to combine Facebook and video, is there a better option to advertise your products?And above all 66% of respondents liked Facebook Live!!I Know I Should Broadcast, But What to Broadcast?Now you know why you need to use facebook live. But, let me guess. You are stuck thinking what to broadcast. Am I Right?Here I give you top 5 ideas that can help you to plan your live broadcast.Idea # 1 Tour of Your Store/ProductWhen more people are opting the online shopping, they sure should be missing the look of a store. Why don’t you live broadcast your store to your potential shoppers?If you don’t have a store, then showcase your product or service.Target stores, one of the largest retailers in the world, went live on Facebook to show behind the scenes about the new store which was due to release.Doing this, gives immense exposure to your brand.Idea #2 ‘How-to-Do’ VideosWhen viewers know that there is value in the live video, they are bound to hook up. Teach people how to use the product over a live broadcast.Since this is your expertise domain, you can be more confident to stream this live video.Martha Stewart, known leader for cooking and crafts, livestreamed video showing how to decorate using products from Home depot.It builds trust with customers since it is a live video with no editing.Idea #3 Live Customer ServiceA customer can be delighted when some of his issues are getting resolved by just looking at a live video. Yes. Possible!Bring in a customer who has a query. Resolve the customer issue over live video thereby assuring customers of great service. Other customers who had similar issues or any other issues will be assured of great customer service.Idea #4 Announce Important NewsThis is the easiest to do since, you already have news. When you have important event relating to your brand, go live and announce it.Chevrolet used Facebook live for launching its new electric car. Fans got to see it before anyone else did.It could be a product launch, new versions of products, exclusive offers or festival discounts, Just announce it live!Idea #5 Celebrity InterviewsWhen you are running out of ideas and content, celebrity interview could save you.Sephora hosted an interview with Jen Atkin of Ouai Haircare and Christophe Robin Pariswhere they shared tips about beauty products. Interviews with people who can have influence over the audience is a great way to engage audience. Even getting your employees or your CEO to talk about your product and service will be a great idea.No Time to Waste! Get startedI can understand your urge to start right away, but how are you going to do it?Don’t Jump Yet. Prepare Before The Live StreamImagine your aunt when her daughter is about to have her first fashion show. Doesn’t she bring in the ‘fashion show’ somehow into the conversations? It’s called promotion.Exactly! Promote your live stream ahead of the actual live broadcast. Audience would like to know in advance so that they can plan and participate in their favorite subject of interest.Create promotion on facebook, twitter, instagram, and other social platforms. Be clear about the topic so that there is no disappointment to your viewers later.Include the time zone clearly mentioning the time and the time zone so that there is no confusion amongst your global viewers.5 Stages To Plan Live Stream#1 Plan the Broadcast ContentContent is the heart of the marketing strategy and hence the most important part of the entire broadcast.Ensure content is of high value giving away important lessons and information to your audience. Make short notes of the content and break it down into bullets for easy reference during the live streaming.Live broadcast is limited to 4 hours and that’s a lot!  Plan content and the entire broadcast to be covered under 4 hours.#2 Compose A Compelling TitleImagine you have a newspaper in your hand.  Would you not be reading mostly the headlines and then jump into the story only when you find it interesting? I can hear a ‘Yesssss’.Compose a title that can attract and grab the attention of your viewers.  Catchy title leads to engage viewers mind and initiate curiosity leading to sign up for the live broadcast.#3 Pick A LocationYou definitely don’t want your viewers to comment more about the location than your product, Right?Make all efforts to remove distractions in the location where you are going to shoot the live broadcast. Choose a location that highlights your content and theme of your product.  Make arrangements for good lighting to get the best quality of the live video where you cannot edit lighting effects once you go live.#4 Choose the StyleFacebook live can be used for different formats such as contests, interviews, tutorials, and product launch (discussed later in the article).You can host a solo live or invite a guest or an influencer to the live streaming. The ‘how to use the product’ and ‘teaching tutorials’ are also some of the formats used for live.Decide the type of broadcast that you want to have based on the content.#5 All AccessoriesOnce you have the main agenda decided, list down all the accessories that you need for the broadcast.A smart phone, mic plugged in, tripod, products and things required during the experiment and demonstration. Invite guest or influencers according to the style of broadcast.Not Yet! First Test the BroadcastTo avoid major blunders during the live broadcast, test it out with a few of your colleagues or friends.You can choose private broadcast just on your own profile page and broadcast to yourself.You can also choose to broadcast to a select group of your friends and colleagues who can provide constructive feedback for the final broadcast.Make a list of all the things that you should avoid during the broadcast .And Now Finally Go Live!In the facebook, click on the ‘Live Video’ optionSelect your audience.Push the ‘Go Live’ Bar.3-2-1 count down and you will go live on your pageAs Soon As You Go Live….Look straight into the camera as though you are looking into the eyes of your viewers. This builds connection.Try to be real and relaxed, because viewers want to experience reality in these live streaming as against staged videos and advertisements.Start immediately and the viewers will join in at various stages of the broadcast.Start with a good Welcome note and a brief introduction about yourself and your company.Introduce your topic to the audience with little more details than the title.Get straight into your content based on the script that you had prepared earlier.Mid Way Into The Broad CastAcknowledge the viewers and incorporate their comments into your conversation where applicable. Try to answer some of the questions that are coming to make it engaging for the viewers.Around Midway take time to reintroduce yourself briefly to benefit viewers who joined later. Provide a quick recap of the content that was explained so far.Encourage and remind people to share the broadcast to their friends and followers.Towards the endDo a final recap of the entire content very briefly to provide a summary of the entire broadcast.Thank your viewers for their time and participation.Call to action is the last thing before signing off. You can ask viewers to visit your page, download newsletters and subscribe e-newslettersEnd the broadcast.After the BroadcastThe video will be permanently available as a video on your timeline for your friends who missed the live. It can be removed by you at any point of time.Replay the video to see how you performed. Check the quality of the video and audio.Review the comments from viewers and answer them if they were not addressed in the live show.Keep track of the video to measure the engagement.Plan to repurpose the video on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.Facebook Live Experiences that Made me NudgeI seriously decided on making Facebook live as a go to marketing channel after getting suggestions from these wonderful ladies.Angele Cristina was excited to share on how she got 2k views using Facebook live.Check out her Facebook live on how to get confident for a Facebook Live here :)Dorien, who is an expert social media consultant, highly recommended Facebook live as one of the best ways to improve engagement on Facebook.Check out her Facebook live for a wonderful cause here:ConclusionFacebook live is used as a tool to create vibrant visual content that can produce pleasing experience to your audience.  It is a great platform to showcase live events, interviews and real life events that are important for your company.Its large reach makes it one of the most sought out tools for effective marketing.With facebook live which is so simple to operate, you can connect to a large audience all around the world.Facebook Live video streaming, without a doubt, has emerged as one of the most exciting marketing tactics that is equally loved by the audience.So What Next? Go Live!