I of the smallest towns to senators, congressman

I heard a news caster ask one day just who are crossdressers we hear about from time to time. It started me thinking about that very question and the more I thought the more I decided it might be a good idea to put down on paper. Here are the results.To start with let’s first make it crystal clear who we are not.We are not those people you see regularly on the Jerry Springer show. Yes they put on a dress and profess to be crossdressers. But they’re a far cry from what¬† is a real crossdresser. The problem is that this tiny group of people are the very ones who are in the lime light and produce all the negative images that are so degrading to those of us who aren’t that way at all.We are not the perverts, child molesters, murders or sensationalists¬† seen on TV, inter net news and read about in the news every day either.So Who Are WE?We’re the doctors who have performed life saving operations on you and your loved ones. We’re the airline pilots who have taken the responsibility for your safety while taken you to 40.000 feet and propelled you at 600 miles per hour.We’re the dentist who relieved your tooth aches or attended to your braces so you would have a pretty smile and healthy teeth. We’re the policemen who risk our own lives daily to keep you safe from the criminal element that is so rampant in our society today. We’re the soldiers who have gone to battle and returned home missing a foot, hand, arm, leg, or worse yet come home in a cold steel box. We’re people in the common trades such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers who built the house you live in. We’re the politicians all the way from the mayors of the smallest towns to senators, congressman and high ranking military leaders.Some of us were at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7 1941. In the World Trade Center on 9/11 when tragedy struck home. And some of us were the fireman and emergency medical technicians who were inside those 3 buildings when they collapsed on top of us. Still others were those of us who faced the gruesome task of recovering the bodies we could find and mourning those we couldn’t.We’re the truck drivers who sacrifice weeks at a time away from home delivering your goods and services. We’re the farmers who work to keep food on your table. We’re the teachers who educated you in school and college and who are know educating your children. We’re your pastors and the Sunday school teachers. We’re the common citizens who rolled up our sleeves and gave of our own blood when disaster strikes. We’re the ones who cared enough to donate our organs when we no longer had any use for them to save lives of your loved ones and possibly you. When that tornado or flood or what ever other disaster come along. We were the ones who neglected our own needs and dug in to help every body else. We’re the ones who were running around out in the cold and rain and lightening the night that awful storm came through and knocked out all the power just so you wouldn’t freeze to death. We’re the mechanics who fixed your car/ truck. The construction workers who built the roads you drive on every day. We’re the waiters who served your meal when you went out to dinner last week. We’re the ambulance drivers who got you t the hospital safely after that bad crash. We’re the friends and neighbors who supported you and gave you a shoulder to cry on when a loved one passed away. We’re the drivers who cared enough to stop and see if we could help you when your car/ truck stop running and left you stranded on the road side that cold and raining night.Remember that star quarterback that scored the winning touchdown in the biggest football game of the season? That’s right he is a crossdresser also. And let’s not forget about his coach and the team mates. Football isn’t the only team were members of.We Touch Your Lives Every Day.And you touch ours. So Who and Where Are We. We’re everybody and everyone. Crossdressing crosses all barriers of race, creed, age, national origin and social status. Realizing that 10% of the mail population crossdresses to some extent makes it pretty obvious that you know several of us. You just aren’t aware of it because society has not yet educated it self about us so there is a great deal of ignorance with in society about crossdressing. And until society Does acknowledge that we are no more abnormal than any of the rest of its average members. We are forced to maintain our anonymous position.Crossdressing is not a disease and it’s not something to be fearful of. It’s not contagious so you won’t have to be concerned about someone passing it on to you. It’s something one is born with. The primary reason for crossdressing is to provide an outwardly visible outlet of expression to an invisible inward feeling and emotion. It has nothing at all to do with one’s sexual persuasion. ( just find Crossdressing relaxing from every day stress)The next time you see someone pointing an accusing finger at a crossdresser, poking fun at them and proclaiming them to be a freek/ pervert/ fag. Stop and think about this. What if that person happened to be one of those people listed above who was possibly the person who did something that saved your life or that someone you love in the past. Just how perverted was that person at that time.Going a step farther, what if this person is one destined to save your life next week? When we were born we didn’t have a choice about being that one in every ten who would be a crossdresser.With this in mind. I leave you with the following. What if this person pointing their finger had been that one in ten who was born a crossdresser? Something to think long and hard about. Isn’t It.¬†