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I am currently a student here at Brock University and i excel in the competitive gaming world. The whole notion of competitive video games changed when it was introduced into e-sports. Starting out with arcade games like Street Fighter to Call of Duty to League of Legends. The video game industry is booming and there is huge demand for video games that try to take the stage at gaming tournaments around the world. With video game tournaments, there are people who go and are physically present at the tournament to watch the event and then there is another way of viewing it. A social platform called Twitch.

 Twitch is a relatively new platform in which gamers around the world broadcast their gameplay live. No edits, just pure gameplay footage that’s live. Twitch is now the frontrunner and go-to place to watch tournaments, live streams and gaming sessions from various people and companies across the world. Going back to tournaments and how it relates to Twitch is that we can watch the tournaments live and receive donations if people choose to give while they are viewing the stream. People can subscribe to tournament channels and other gamers who are called “streamers” to keep up to date on what they are up to and what games they are playing. I have a Twitch account and I am currently partnering up with Twitch and trying to get other company sponsorships like Loot Crate and Crunchyroll. Partnering up with these companies will help to generate money and awareness for our cause which is charity and donations. I personally volunteer at soup kitchens and I love being involved with the community and trying to give back in any way possible.  My goals are to create a Canadian gaming community that donates some of their proceeds they receive while gaming to local charities all across Canada. While pursuing this, I may need to give up on getting a Master’s degree because this process will require a lot of hard work and dedication. I am currently a part-time streamer using the Twitch platform, but during the Summer I turn back into full time. Creating a Canadian gaming community solely focused on donating a portion of streamers proceeds to charity will create a huge difference to local charities. It will get the word out about the local charities where the streamers are from and get viewers to participate in giving back to their communities even if they are from a different country.

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Starting out a plan with a 3 day spread, I will be contacting people who are already partnered with Twitch to see what I can do to be partnered up with them and create a strategy on how to be sponsored by Loot Crate and Crunchyroll. This would take up 1 hour. The 2nd day would involve me going physically to a few local charities during business hours and ask them about the process of donating to them and if I could sponsor them and put the word out about them in my live streams and others who are around my areas. I will try to create a ripple effect for other people to do the same for their local charities too. This would take about another 1.5 hours to do since it would require travelling to and from the charities. The 3rd and last day would try to create a website and Facebook page trying to encourage the Canadian gaming community to join and help out a cause.