I a self-made man, patriot, and a

              I would agree that Andrew Jackson was one of the top 10 greatest Presidents in American History Politically. Jackson was the 7th president of the United States during the mid 1800s and won the largest single share of electoral votes. Jackson was considered a common man and was admired for being, a self-made man, patriot, and a war hero. President Andrew Jackson promised “Equal protection and equal benefits” for all americans. During his first term, equality spread throughout American politics. In the nation’s earliest years, only men who owned property our owned land had suffrage, or the right to vote. By the late 1820’s democracy expanded and people who had not had the right to vote became voters. For the first time, white male, factory owners, sharecroppers, and others could now participate, or took part in the political process. By 1828, 22 out of the 24 states had changed their constitution to allow the people instead of the state legislatures, to choose their presidential electors. This change in history further increased democracy. However, democrats wanted to open up government jobs for different levels of society. People began to argue that ordinary citizens could handle any government jobs. Many democrats were disturbed that the federal government had a system in which non elected officials carried out the laws, because of this Jackson replaced them with his supporters. Protest began and said that Jackson was acting like a dictator. This practice of replacing government employees with the winners supporters is called the spoils system. This evidence supports my claim that I think Andrew Jackson was one of the top ten presidents politically because he strengthened the power for America, defended the Union, and had success in foreign affairs and democracy. He made political decisions based on his personal beliefs and did what he could to protect the common man. The tremendous work he achieved in office including, that he fought hard to restore a nation of “We the People” and give voice to all those he represented as President.