I all I could see was the blueness

I never truly knew what true love was until the moment I laid my eyes upon her. For the first time my heart whispered, “this is the one.” Everything around her disappeared like it was a magic trick and all I could see was the blueness of her eyes. The moment we made eye contact I knew it’s over for us.

The second she smiled at me; all the grey heavy clouds in the life instantly disappeared without any weather station predicting this move. The thunderstorms and hurricanes destroying my life for the past few months all just vanished without warning. The storms I’ve been through forced me to strengthen my structures and now without the storms I am a heartless man. The bright light of the sunshine and the meaningful colours of the rainbows entering my life lit up my sky and finally the sign of a man with a heart that could feel love and affection was in reach. The exit to the life I never wanted was just waiting for me to open the door, the door that is supposed to set me free of all storms. The past few months I have loved someone else instead of myself.

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There was no time for me to love myself. But when I look at the girl with the baby blue eyes, I knew she is the one for me, I see a mirror image of myself. Not the looks but the inner soul that actually matters. I instantly fell in love with her through her eyes because I could see the loving and kind heart she hid inside not wanting it to be discovered. She saw the roaring lions in the dark grey clouds that were causing chaos in my life and knew she was the only one that could calm the storms. She was my pathway to true happiness. the door to freedom was waiting there to be opened. The time has come to finally set myself free after months of the roar of lions making me fear every day not wanting to open my eyes. It is about time that I truly open my eyes and realize that there is much more to life than an unhealthy relationship destroying the lives of other. For once I am doing what is best for me and not for others.  The time has come for me to man up and set myself free.  It’s time for the dreadful winter to go away and the spring full of new beginnings to arrive.

The day came where I had to set myself free. The chemicals of the relationship were destroying me from the inside. The toxic relationship got sentenced to life for the murder of myself. I once was blind but now I can see the damage caused by the storms. The rebuilding and new beginning of my life has started with the girl that showed me the true meaning of life. It was fate that brought us together but falling in love was a choice made by my heart that I cannot control.