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I believe that juveniles should be charged as adults depending in the crime they did. Juvenile criminals should be considered for adult courts at the age of 15 because they should already have the knowledge of what is right and wrong. The age could be lowered (or not) if evidence showed premeditation, because they knew what they were going to and they also know that it is not right.Lionel Tate should be tried as an adult. He wasn’t his first time doing that. He was suspended from school 15 times. “Some experts say no, there is absolutely no way that this was simply a kid imitating some wrestling moves. This was an absolutely brutal beating”.He should have known was he was doing. He had a second chance we he was released but he didn’t use that chance to change. He didn’t change he got into more problems. Thomas Preciado should be tried as an adult because he stabbed a mini mart clerk to death. He just didn’t stabbed her one he stabbed him many times. He told her mother that he was drunk that’s why he killed her. They said “But he’s a big kid and he was big enough to take a knife and allegedly stab a woman to the point of near death the victim died at the hospital shortly after arriving.”Nathaniel Brazil should not be tried as an adult because when he went to prison he used his time to change to become a better person to help others that are like him. While he was in prison he earned his GED he also used his skill to help other prisoners that needed help. He said ” I’m doing everything I can to be the best person I can be . . . so he can show people it was a momentary thing”. He learned his lesson of what he did wasn’t right. Some people change some don’t.John Doe should be tried as an adult because was wanted to see how it feels to shoot someone. “If brain development were the reason, then teens would kill at roughly the same rates all over the world”. He should have known what happens when you shoot them. “He was not mentally disabled-in fact was quite intelligent”. If he was intelligent he should have known it was the right thing to do. He planned murders for months also planning mass murders at a local bank. He should be sentenced life with parole because he never recovered.In conclusion I believe that teens that commit crimes should be sentenced to adult prison until they starting showing they are changing. It depends on the person the commits the crime if they change after like Nathaniel Brazill using his time to earn GED. Then the teens could get a second chance like lionel Tate but wastes it then they go back to prison. “If little kids are allowed like adults then they should be treated like them. Prison not juvie, no free passes when you screw up.