I you may be surprised at your abilities

I have come
to realise that self-motivation is one of the most crucial skill a human being
can have for a better life. Having the ability to self-motivate yourself is key
for getting school work done, better quality life or even better work
performance which lead to getting better job promotion in the workforce (real


will always lead one to success provided that one stay committed after being
motivated. Self-motivation is great help in fulfilling your goals or objectives
or achieve greater things in life.

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for example allow you to set goals or objectives on the basis of your abilities
which then make it easier to achieve success.


I also believe that having a growth mindset is really key in order to be
great motivator. Having that ability to believe that anything can be achievable
is key. For example, I once had to take a finance class while having little to
no prior knowledge in finance. I motivated myself and forced myself to take it
and I ended up getting a great mark in the class. It is very important to have
this kind of mindset and to not take anything too personal if things don’t go
your way.


I can
motivate others by helping them set up goals to achieve later. It is important
to know your limits and to be realistic in the realization of your projects but
it is also very important to dream and to have ambition for your ideas of
orientation. Sometimes for lack of assurance we do not see our projects in
large … and it’s a shame not to go further … so aim high! Once found your
way, and set goals, you may be surprised at your abilities and will. If motivated
enough one can always get there.



I can
motivate other by helping them create a positive environment. Making sure that
they avoid any negativity. It may include avoiding toxic friends, family members,
spouse etc. making sure that they get close or make friendship with more
positive minded type people and more importantly try to stay positive no matter
how hard any situation can be.