I Will Not Forget Essay

I Will Not Forget

In my mind I think of you,

I hold close your memory

In my words I tell you,

Forgotten you will never be.

In my eyes I see you,

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Laughing, young and free.

In my heart I feel you,

Walking with me slowly.

In my hand I hold you,

As a tulip holds a bee.

In my soul I do not fear,

For I know you will be there to see.

In my memory I cherish you,

As I know you would not forget me.


The water trickles,

Dripping slowly drop by drop,

Splashing in the pool.

Giant noble fir,

Bending in the northern wind,

Whisper in my ears.

Smell the hot popcorn.

The movie is starting now.

I sit back and watch.